Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty....the Cat Thread

  • David! Thank you for sharing that song/poem.

    I enjoyed being both a hippie climber & a Middle Fork Salmon river guide in Stanley in the early 1970's. I confess to never seeing a fight in Stanley, but a hippie friend enjoyed a "two-hit" fight with a cowboy in the Rod & Gun Club in that era. The cowboy hit him & he hit the floor, knocked out.

  • @FritzRay

    Yeah, same same. I'd left river guiding behind and moved to Vancouver in the early 70s... and discovered climbing. Which, for rock, meant Squamish. Yeah there were endless mountain adventures above, but 45 minutes from Vancouver was one of the most incredible rock-climbing venues in North America.

    But as much as the climbing was otherworldly, the town of Squamish was... how to say this... maybe the most positive way one could describe it was that is was the armpit of the universe. Yeah, yeah, it's the hippest outdoor recreation center you could hope to visit now, but 40 years ago it was nowhere you wanted to be when you came down from the walls of the Chief.

    There were two bars, both serving equally bad beer and offering fights between climbers and loggers.

    Yeah, those were the days

  • Harley (the cat) bump!

    Donini & Harley. Jim knew how to turn on Harley's laser-eyes function.

    Harley-the laser eye cat..JPG

  • Harley is really a nice cat, most of the time. When he took possession of my laptop & gave me "the look," I didn't want to mess with him.


    "Hey! Is that a mouse?"

  • Two oranges

    IMG_2109.JPG IMG_0302.JPG

  • IMG_0010.JPG

    My kid Iggy with a baby African Lion at the Guadalajara Zoo

  • @Scole Coolio. How old, eh? 🐕

  • "Coolio. How old, eh?"

    The cat or the kid? Iggy is 15 now, this was about five years ago. The cat was about 2 months old I think.

  • Never really liked cats. Plus I'm allergic.
    Then, about 3 years ago, I rescued one...
    My allergy is slowly subsiding and I like her!

  • @Scole Nice. A great age. Enjoy these last few years before he fledges, eh?

    @ACOPA Sigh.... I am allergic as well. Never anything against cats other than they seemed to have something against me. I am mainly a dog person but into animals in general. Maintained a small pack during my recreational musher days in AK. I dig the big social cats, e.g. Serengeti Lion. Very interesting documentary on Netflix called something like "Saving Sirga: Journey Into the Heart of a Lion". Toby recommended. 👍 🐕

  • Fall arrived here last night with a storm, & daytime temps have gone from the mid-90's f. to the mid 70's today. At 6:30 PM tonight Harley (the cat) wanted some sunshine & Heidi helped him out with an elevated sun-bath platform.



  • @FritzRay

    !Aye, caramba!

    Some people's cats, eh?!!

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