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  • A fun activity that's been around in one form or another since the beginning of recorded history. Pat Ament and I used to enjoy walking light chains in campgrounds back in the early 1960s, and Chuck Pratt was an expert. But eventually someone recognized the commercial possibilities and special equipment and magazine spreads of spectacular feats soon followed.

  • @jgill Yeah, I suspect most of us have played this game from time to time.... cannot crag every day out at The Monument, as sometimes ya' just gotta take forced break to let the tips grow new skin....

    Paul Borne, a.k.a. "Mister Lizard", and I used to have a nice set up on the back loop at HVC. I'd raided the bin behind a carpet place for some new remnants for my dog kennels. We used the old pieces of carpet to nicely pad up a couple Yucca brevifolias so as to protect their trunks and strung up a nice, taught, span of one inch webbing between them. It was there for some weeks before some asshat complained about it damaging the Joshua Trees and the Rangers took it down. Or maybe the asked us to do it and we complied. Seems like it was just gone one day though....

    I never was much good at walking slack. Paul was damn good, as were many others. I probably could have gotten pretty decent, but it was something I only did occasionally, cuz... the ensuing crowds and the man stole our joy. Some years later, as you've pointed out, it became a big deal. That line in the pic I posted turned out to be quite the curiosity for the rank and file "campers".

    Years later I found a tie down for semi truck loads - you know, about 3" webbing w/a ratchet on one end for snugging things up - at the local REI being sold as a "slack line trainer". Heh, bought a lesser expensive one for my kid (cuz I got nothing to do w/the trucking industry anymore). Don't laugh: Lots easier to get started on and experience some "early success".

    Anywho... as noted above, I suspect many of us have played this game at some time or another so I thought it might make a good thread starter. Yes I know there are lots of folks specializing in this form of fame and glory story nowadays. Not too interested in those but thought might be fun for us "regular dirt bags" who used to practice this up a bit so as to hone our balance fer' craggin' to post up some pics?

    Enjoy! 🐕

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