Happie's RPU Premier "Happiegrrrl Hits the Road" Thread

  • Things were so much easier with vehicles, back before emission control devices were added to American cars in the 1960's. My father gave me a 1955 jeep pickup in 1963. Of course, I first had to rebuild the front differential, & do some engine work, so it would actually run. I appreciated the gift more after that "grease-monkey" work.

  • Facebook marketplace is really good . just type in campervan and you get so much great stuff. Obviously lots of projects and crazy wild stuff in there but in 5 min I found half a dozen potential winners under 5K. can't figure out how to post them outside of FB though. really good collector finds as well. as always it sucks buying used vehicles. its always someone elses problems you are inheriting and how to dance through that process without being mechanically savvy is going to be tricky and involve some good karma/luck...

  • Thanks for suggestions and advice.

    For now I need to just start saving. I can't really do much research as I just have my phone with everything closed. Too pita to wander online.

  • just noticed today that I had completely not even noticed mu 14th Bday on august 24th.. Occurred to me that Happie must have gone around the sun again at about the same time. Hope all is well.

  • @NickG Yes, all is well. The sun continues as ever despite you and Happie (and me) having gone around it another time.

  • @Happiegrrrl I don't know...it looks too much like Nicely's in Lee Vining. 🙂

  • And away she goes! Penny was driven off into the snow, bought for a decent price by a guy who owns a salvage yard, but is not going to part her out and crush what's left. He was thrilled to have her.

  • sweet! she needed a real wrench twister for an owner.. Hopefully you are getting close to being road ready with the new rig.

  • After the guy drove off..... He ignored my advice he put a bit of gas in(I had put in 1.5 gallons before he arrived).

    He ran out on Hwy 87. When a cop ran his plates....(he had swapped out from one of his vehicles, the van was not registered)...van impounded.

    He had to tow it away, due to lack of registration, and then.....

    ...ge drove the van under a too-low railroad bridge and gave her a haircut.

    Can't make this stuff up....

    As for Ramses, on Thursday a friend's husband is going to trim the floor plywood down. On Friday I will paint the underside and sides with one coat. (Using Deck Correct from Cabot, in a dark brown. It has a texture, which I think will look better than just stain or paint, and help camo dust and dirt between cleanings.)

    Then the next day I can paint floor is Monday. I hope the temps stay in decent painting range.... I will do the two coats, as suggested, on top.

    And then put the bed and shelving in. That's really all I have time for before I leave. It's a bit of a shame I can't get floor and ceiling in, especially since I have the wood already, but there just isn't time(and money to pay a person for the work).

  • @Happiegrrrl Great Update. Hope all is well.

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