New Memeber Registration Email Confirmation Glitch

  • Mea culpa!!! Oi!! My bad! 😞

    In the course of transitioning Teamcool Networks and Repoint University Climber Forums to our new cloud provider I missed a knob and RPU's email confirmations were being sent to our old mail server, which no longer exists.

    The following three new users were affected:

    I've rectified the misconfiguration and resent the confirmation emails to the affected new members above. Should this cause confusion, just respond to the most recent and you should be good to go.

    My sincerest apologies that I did not catch it sooner. Full plate and then the flu. If any RPU members happen to be acquainted w/any of the above, please extend my apologies and ask them to check the email/junk folders.

    Thanks bunches for understanding. 🐕

  • I hope @LilaBiene gets approval asap. She is near and dear to mine and Nita's hearts.

  • @Alfalfa -- a huge 'hey there, say' -- SAY that again... i dearly love her, too!! she is part of the taco-quilt... through and through...

    happy good eve, to you, dear alfalfa and nita...

    and-- GOOD to hear what went wrong, toby... (you get a 'point' for that... it is good to let folks KNOW what goes wrong) ...

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