All 14 Eight-Thousanders In Just Half a Year!!!

  • Nepalese climber Nirmal Purja climber all 14 8,000-meter peaks in just 189 days. To put that in perspective, the previous record was over 7 years.

    Here's a summary:

  • @David-Harris This reply does not contribute anything of substance to the conversation but this feat just demands a full on "Wowzers!!", so wtf.....

    Wowzers!!! 🐕 🏔

  • Amazing feat considering the logistics. The man has drive.

  • His feat is all the more impressive since he is a Gurkha, who have long been noted for their military prowness, but not for world-class climbing abilities. However, he likely grew up at elevations above 10,000 feet, although the Gurkha homeland ranges from a few hundred feet in elevation to well above 20,000 feet, & he served 6 years in a Gurkha battalion in the British Army, & then qualified for their special forces, where he served another 10 years.

    He sounds like a nice person too. I salute him & his accomplishments!

  • @FritzRay I do too! What an incredible feat!

  • IMG_2667.PNG

    How many did he ski down? 🙂

  • @FritzRay said in All 14 Eight-Thousanders In Just Half a Year!!!:

    He sounds like a nice person too. I salute him & his accomplishments!

    Also worth noting is this, from the Rock and Ice news item:

    Purja’s achievement was the goal of his "Project Possible", in which he set out to climb all of the 8,000ers in under 7 months.

    "According to the website, in climbing the 14 8,000ers in record time, Purja wanted to use Project Possible [] and his platform “to provide important opportunities for local Sherpas and guides to forge a career in the mountains and will promote the homeland of the Gurkhas among the 8,000m mountains. The project aims to raise awareness for a number of significant causes, most notably for UK military charities, supporting Nims’ colleagues who may have been wounded, injured and/or who suffer mental health issues. Equally, the support for Nepalese children’s charities and orphanages dedicated to education and wellbeing is of paramount importance, not forgetting raising crucial awareness of climate change and global warming.”

    Without knowing anything more about him or his "Project Possible", he sure sounds like someone worthy of respect and support.

  • Thats an interesting chart.

    Who would have thought that the first 8000m peak to be climbed would prove the deadliest and least often climbed.

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