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  • Any thoughts on shoes with a wide forefoot? I tried Mythos, which are supposed to be, but no such luck. I wear a size 9US, D width trail runner but need a wide forefoot as I've aged. Can't climb when my feet shriek as the bones up there get the squeeze.

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  • Thanks for bringing up this topic!

    It all presently depends on the model. Acopa has a few models that have worked well for people with wider forefeet. The range of fitting adjustment is also key, since a well designed shoe will accomodate a wide variety of types of feet.

    However, when all is said and done, no two feet are exactly the same, while a model's last doesn't change.

    We are working to solve this problem. Our goal is to enable every climber to have shoes that fit their feet. That's the Holy Grail of rock shoe manufacturing. We are on it.

  • Build A 'Hybrid'; A Board-last'd Front-point "Ballet'-style' Rock Climbing 'Shoe/Boot Please!

    After 50 yrs of stuffing my tootsies into vice-like 'shoes' & then 'slippers', the lasting result of decades of non-stop toe crushing? . . .

    toe-nail-less pinkie-toes

    This old daddy-O needs a stiff, carbon fiber or spring-steel platform that extends from the 'front-point, down along the inside edge past the 'ball of the foot....

    A quick perusal of the foot injury threads seems to indicate I'm not alone on the a-drift boat of chronic-slipper-wearers. There must be other 'slip-lasted' 'injured' climbers. who would jump at the chance to have a proper . . .
    Handed down to me, by FritzW at the insistance of Dr Kraus


    I'm not sure if there was ever a "Better" All-Around Shoe than the Original Mega,

    ** Scarpa put out a similar 'shoe'- then refined it**


    Of course at that time (mid-80-90's')
    we had choices . . .


    Now - in France & Italy, at least it seems, one still does.


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  • @ACOPA said in Shoe Lasts & Fit:

    Acopa has a few models that have worked well for people with wider forefeet.

    Which ones?

  • @johntp

    I'd confidently recommend the Merlin for people with a wider forefoot looking for a high-performance model.

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