The "What Happened Next" Thread

  • Politely leaving out that Gill is likely a Baptist from Gilligan's Island


  • Mom was wrong about that though; it was a dude about 25 years old who had become so obsessed with the Gill Egg that he had named himself after it.

  • Gill, having left his college in Georgia for winter break, had heard Mickey was on the prowl for fame as a climber, and wanted to know if Mickey was interested in heading to the southeast and doing some bouldering.

  • Mickey and Gill almost simultaneously cried out boulder_dash and headed south aspiring to make it in record time.

  • And indeed they did, with Gill cracking the whip and Mickey pulling the buckboard. But upon reaching Stone Mountain outside Atlanta, Gill passed out, seeing what a horrid Disney World it had become. Mickey, however, persevered, pulling the inert Gill along as he scampered up the granite dome, delighted and delightful in his pink tights. What a glorious day he thought!

  • Irma thought to herself

    Thinking is believing, but not the converse

  • Irma be gone to the great beerhall in the sky, podner. Having a brew with Fred and Warren and chuckling over human nonsense such as Mickey and PsuedoGill slipping on the lichen and sliding down Stone Mountain. Then being arrested for violating the state park rules. 😛

  • “ but if we all just clap our hands, and chant “ we believe in Irma”....”

  • Irma was soon forgotten, and Mickey found himself wondering when Gill and he would next go bouldering.

  • "Woah...where am I and what year is this?" Mickey asked the man he thought might be a nurse, based on the decor of the room he was in.....

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