The "What Happened Next" Thread

  • In an attempt to get something fun going here, which may have the effect of growing the community on this forum, I'm starting this thread. Here's how it works:

    • I have made the first sentence in a story we all create together.
    • Post the next sentence.

    One sentence per post only. If you feel the need to further your idea in more than one sentence, you'll either need to craft through use of grammatical mechanisms, or make another post, and hope nobody got in between to muck up your prose.

    Here we go.....

    Autumn in the northeast, with its cooler temperatures and colorful fall foliage, is the season most rock climbers find enchanting, and it was the combination of these aspects that had Mickey loitering in the Gunks Uberfall, looking for a belay.

  • Mickey had a fairly stiff case of ADD and OCD which led to him getting antsy and desperately needing to climb something belayer or not.

  • So, he decided to start with a little bouldering, and began looking for some old Gill problems at the lower end of the V-scale.

  • Then the Vulgarians arrived and started up Shockley's Roof.

  • not really knowing these guys and feeling left out Mickey dipped into his Climbaddict designs chalkbag and launched himself up Grim Ace face determined to become one of the real climbers.

  • But he fell off the first move, and finding himself sprawling on the Carriage Road, he slowly climbed to his feet and carefully brushed off his hot pink lycra tights, glancing around to see if any studs might have noticed his disgrace.

  • Feeling dejected and coming to the stark realization that 5.9 solos were completely out of his league he sat there for a long agonizing moment, finally looking up just in time to see Dick Willihams bare butt clear the crux of Shockleys.

  • However, Williams being over 80, this was not an arousing moment, rather a depressing realization of the fallibility and judgement of the masters and certainly not an inspirational ripple in the inevitable passage of time .

  • As Mickey's eyes glanced toward the Uberfall, he was transfixed by an exquisitly beautiful woman, just coming out of the Uberpooper and coaching down the waist loops on her harness.

  • Then she noticed his pink lycra tights, frowned and turned away, realizing the implications, although he was a cutie and she suspected some of the guys thought so too.

  • But those tights... Arrrg. geesh, hard to get past those tights... he does have a nice Climb Addict Design chalk bag though 😉

  • Feeling a tad dejected since none of the studs was paying him any mind - just that stupid girl and her drooping bra! - he mulled over his decision to follow his mother's advice when she recommended the tights as they had sat in the basement of her house, where he lived a solitary existence, after she had prepared an evening meal of his favorite: macaroni and cheese!

  • While he ate he thumbed through some climbing rags and realized he needed to go to Yosemite and do a wall to restore his manliness. The Gunks are for poofters anyways he thought, thinking of that bare ass hiking over Shockley's..

    And he had found out that woman he saw at the Uberpooper was from California.

    His heart raced at the thought of joining the big boys in Yosemite.

  • Then he woke up in the ER - having suffered a mild cardiac infarction - thinking of all those big walls, and all those robust and handsome Yosemite men, some of whom he hoped shared his inclinations and would ignore someone like that @#$! woman he had seen at the Uberfalls!

  • much later in his hospital room, he was half asleep, when suddenly, someone appeared at the door, with lunch, and a bright green apple shone-forth, triggering him to reflect, thinking sadly-- if ONLY i had adjusted myself that day, at that VERY moment when that the wild-green-apple, had fallen from that nearby tree, and HIT me on the head... kind of like isaac newton's learning-lessons from nature, maybe i'd be in a better PLACE right now and still ready to climb to best heights of the day...

  • @Happiegrrrl said in The "What Happened Next" Thread:

    One sentence per post only. If you feel the need to further your idea in more than one sentence, you'll either need to craft through use of grammatical mechanisms, or make another post, and hope nobody got in between to muck up your prose.

    I think this rule adds a nice bit of spice. Motivation to polish up those compound sentences, complex sentences, and compound-complex sentences, even.

    Yippie yi yo kiyah!

    P.S.; I loved my pink lycra sporting the black leopard spots/stipes. Oooh, la, la!!! And yes, I did climb better when I wore them. Best part is that I got them on clearance fer' next to nothing. Cuz we was poor, goddammit. Dirt poor. Regular dirtbags! Living in the dirt!! I tell ya....

  • "Woah....what a weird dream, with everyone speaking in single sentences and then this Toby dude inserting himself as of he's a commentator, and somehow entitled to break the single sentence rhythm." wondered Mickey.

  • Missed the one sentence rule. Am I ejected?

  • "My cool, albeit wierd, climbing dream seems to be becoming an internet forum nightmare!" Mickey cried, rationalizing his request for more sleepy time drugs from the nurse who had answered his repeated hospital bed calls for help.

  • Suddenly the window to his hospital room opens and climbing in through the window with black doctors bag full of goodies in one hand is Doctor Gonzo...

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