Add Pages to Threads?

  • Is there a way the admins can break the loonger threads into pages? For shorter threads it's not a big deal, but for longer threads like the Random Photo thread, it takes forever to scroll up and down. Say something like 20 posts per page?

  • For whatever it's worth, I much prefer the current "the whole thread on one page" approach. I always found the 20-posts-per-page (the way ST did it) to be a big pain in the ass.

    Scrolling seems easy enough, and you can always use the Page Up and Page Down keys, or the Home and End keys. And if you are looking for some particular post or poster, having the whole thread on a single page makes searching easy.

  • I forgot about the page up/down keys.

  • @David-Harris Forum search is also now available and seems to work well when searching for a thread/post you already know something about to use as a key.

    @johntp There's a knob fer' that... 😉

    You may want to investigate the "Pagination" section of your user "Settings". Check/select "Paginate topics and posts instead of using "Infinite scroll". Default is 20 topics per page but you are free to season to taste. Don't forget to "Save Changes".

    Info as to Continuous Scrolling & Pagination Settings also discussed in Forum FAQ, Item #9.



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