Social experiment.

  • One of the guys at work has a bunch of fake C notes. they clearly say PLAY MONEY NOT LEGAL TENDER on them but if you crumple them up just right they look pretty legit. last week I put one on the ground next to a visiting sub contractors truck. It was gone when he left and he never said a word... yesterday I planted 3 of them in porta johns @ a horse show. these rigs were very nasty. all three bill gone in 3 min... How far would you dive for a C note ? I know for certain if I found a real one on a jobsite I would ask everyone who's it was..

  • @NickG

    Unfortunately, most would lie and lay claim as theirs. So being "honest" is sometimes a tough call? Now if I knew somebody had lost it, like they were grumping about it, then no contest. I guess it might be a bit dependent upon the general character of the crew you're working with. I've had to work w/some pretty low life types in my day so maybe I'd just keep my mouth shut? But then again the shortages of others are no excuse for one's own, so one could always take the high road, know they did the right thing, and not worry about the transgressions/karma of others who may choose differently. But lest we be too judgemental scarcity can definitely affect perspective. Busting arse and working hard does not necessarily mean you are food secure nowadays. Any of us think we may not do things we otherwise would not after a few days not eating .... have likely never gone a few days w/o eating.

    Situational ethics. Perhaps some philosophical thought food potential here that @jgill enjoy pondering and chiming in on? A dilemma fer' sure, fer' sure. Does pose for an interesting experiment. Keep us posted, eh?

    P.S.; I am going to move this thread to "Big Questions". Seems like a forum for "Discuss and debate social issues" would make a good fit. ✌

  • I only had 3 of them to play with this weekend. the guy who has them is really cool and gave me a $300.00 bonus even though he is not the boss and just a working stiff like me 😉 we had one in our porta john @ work and the septic cleaner guy picked it out, cleaned it off and left it on top of the urinal. I was supprised at how fast they went at the horse show. A nasty trick for certain but seems like harmless fun.. You have to have a sense of humor and know you have been had if you dive in for one of those things.

  • @NickG

    Tells one much about that man's character. A rare find in this day and age. Maybe experiment w/some different locations that are less of a nasty trick and more observable?

  • I found a $20.00 in the parking lot while leaving a dear friends memorial event this summer. Since there were about 150 people there & most were leaving or had left, I took the high ground, went back in & mentioned finding it to several of the family members & the head "worker bee," who had mostly put the event together.

    I told them if anyone mentioned losing a $20.00, I would be glad to return it, if they knew the serial number. Yeah, yeah, I do have a dark sense of humor.

  • @FritzRay What, doesn't everyone memorize the serial numbers on their bills?

  • I had an associate who could total a very long column of numbers on a printed report faster than I could read them.

    I have followed his lead and only memorize the cereal {sic} numbers of $100 bills or larger!

  • @NickG , hey there say, nick... oh my, man oh man... 😮 (as to the trick) ...

  • I admit its a childish trick but its kind of fun to act like a kid once in awhile at my age..

  • The Secret Service better not read this.

  • Saw a $5 on the coffee counter a while back.. turned out to be a JW tract

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