Social experiment.

  • @NickG

    Tells one much about that man's character. A rare find in this day and age. Maybe experiment w/some different locations that are less of a nasty trick and more observable?

  • I found a $20.00 in the parking lot while leaving a dear friends memorial event this summer. Since there were about 150 people there & most were leaving or had left, I took the high ground, went back in & mentioned finding it to several of the family members & the head "worker bee," who had mostly put the event together.

    I told them if anyone mentioned losing a $20.00, I would be glad to return it, if they knew the serial number. Yeah, yeah, I do have a dark sense of humor.

  • @FritzRay What, doesn't everyone memorize the serial numbers on their bills?

  • I had an associate who could total a very long column of numbers on a printed report faster than I could read them.

    I have followed his lead and only memorize the cereal {sic} numbers of $100 bills or larger!

  • @NickG , hey there say, nick... oh my, man oh man... 😮 (as to the trick) ...

  • I admit its a childish trick but its kind of fun to act like a kid once in awhile at my age..

  • The Secret Service better not read this.

  • Saw a $5 on the coffee counter a while back.. turned out to be a JW tract

  • ron. Aparently my friend bought 40k of the fake 100s on ebay for $48.00 pretty certain secret service could find that auction if they were interested???

  • Why not up the ante and try passing them off at retail establishments? You think it's funny to imagine someone fishing what they think is a hundred dollar bill out of a gross portopotty? I think it would be funny to imagine you explaining "it was just to see if people were paying attention - you know how lazy retail workers can be...."

    But seriously - Not that I ever want to see something besides poop floating in a porto, but in the times I have found money, if there is a any reasonable chance of finding the owner, I will attempt to do so.

    • Found a hundred and some small amount of bills on the sidewalk near my apartment in NYC. Nobody anywhere near. I picked it up, and kept an eye on the area, as I could see it from my apartment. I know I thought about making a sign and placing it on the tree near where I found it, but, to be honest, I probably would have "gotten busy and forgotten" to do that. Nonetheless, within a short time, I noticed a lady in that area and could have sworn she was looking at the ground as if... I ran down and asked, and she said "Ummm, no..." Can't remember what she was doing, but I told her what I had found.

    A guy nearby overheard and called out "You found...? He was digging in his pocket at the time. Turned out he was the super of the building and had done a BIG cabinet installation for one of the tenants, who had tipped him $150. He said "I swear I lost it! Told me about the tip, and that he'd gone to get a haircut and spent X, and then a sandwich for lunch and spent X." Clearly it was the truth, but I can't help that I was kind of disappointed to be handing it over - hahah. Today, I would probably feel much more willing to do the right thing with grace.

    Later he came over with a nice card from his wife and a bottle of wine as a gift. The card really was nice, but being an alcoholic in recovery, I couldn't help but feel the joke was on me to be gifted a bottle of wine.

    • Found $100 and some dollars on 6th Ave in midtown. Looked around and saw nobody in any distress. Finders keepers.

    • Had laid a $20 on the diner table when I was eating with a group of AAers BITD. It was to pay for my meal, but people weren't getting up to go, so time went by. Later, I realized it was missing. Stupid me - so timid I was afraid to announce I had misplaced and ask did anyone see it. PTSD - body telling me that someone probably did take it and did I want to confront that? (Answer: no).

    More time passed, and I noticed a guy across the table's eyes get wide. Saw him moving like he was sliding something over with his foot. Saw him reach down, and put something in his wallet. I assume it was the $20 which had somehow fallen on the floor.

    It was too late for me to do anything now, because now I KNEW it would be a confrontation, and I just didn't want to go there. The sad thing was that it was "the guy" I had a huge crush on who had ( I assume) picked up the money.

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