Social Media... Do you?

  • Hey all!

    Just wondering if or how much you use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Do you do Social Media? Which is your favorite site and why?

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  • @ACOPA

    1. I do not do "social media". At all.

    2. Be that as it may... I took a look at Acopa's stuff and I liked it. Professional, tasteful, and actually interesting photo galleries and such. Well done. I suspect you found the sweet spot with the Instagram and Twitter combo. FB is kind of fading away in general and pretty much already history with the younger, wh/these days translates to the "twenty-something", crowd so I suspect your dynamic social media duo will be effective marketing active climbers. As opposed to us ol' geezers. Any hardman/woman status from bitd notwithstanding, we don't churn thru the shoes like we used to.

    3. Concerns over big data, privacy and security are prompting a renaissance of smaller, intimate hobbyist/enthusiast community forums. So, smart that you are also on Redpoint University. 👍

    My $0.02. You get what you pay for. If yer' lucky. 🐕

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    “We knew Acopa had earned the loyalty of many climbers. However, we didn’t fully realize the depth of that loyalty until years had passed and we kept reading posts on various internet forums, getting calls and emails from them; not only lamenting our absence, but also expressing a desire to help us make a comeback. This was a moving realization. Those emails, posts and calls became a clarion call; an urgent reminder of our responsibility to figure it out and bring back their shoes. We had to get back on our feet and finish the route.”
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  • @ACOPA now that I ditched Facebook this is my only social media site. It cracks me up that others on this social media site including the owner, do not think this is a social media site yet here I am talking to and posting pictures to strangers on a social media site.

    Cheers and best of luck with the new shoe.
    I may or may not know you but it appears we were both at the Bachar 10 year memorial and Facelift in the Valley.

    Andy T.

  • I appreciate a lot of folks don't trust Facebook for good reasons, but a lot of my high school friends post on it & since it is so easy to use I use it & post to it almost every day. FB does give users options to shut down or limit who gets to look at their posts. I was disturbed by their facial recognition program, so I shut that down. My posts are only shared with my FB friends, & in theory I also shut down Facebook sharing my information with 3rd parties. If they still do, I'm amused, rather than disturbed.

    I don't share my birthday, age, or home town on any blog site, but I'm astounded by all the people who do.

  • @FritzRay

    Are yousureFritzee?


  • No facebook, twitter or instagram for me. I'll click on a link to FB from time to time. Active on this forum and a backpacking forum; occasional poster on WF, MP and SP. That's pretty much it for my social networking.

  • @zBrown! Nothing is sure in these troubled times. I jest try to have fun.

    Our "French-cut" pose in the Grenadines. Yes, our wives took the photo.

    6 Alan, Ray, Jerry.jpg

  • Bwahahaha!!!

    I'm not sure which shot I like better, the intellectual mutant carrot or the unlikely models on deck, but they're both good stuff! It does look like the guys are having more fun though!

  • Went on a "barefoot" cruise in the Grenadines maybe 25 years ago
    Sure enough, stubbed my toe

    Must be a lot of fotos somewhere

    Company went bankrupt in 2007

    Thanks for bringing back the memories Fritz

  • @FritzRay said in Social Media... Do you?:

    Our "French-cut" pose in the Grenadines. Yes, our wives took the photo.

    My eyes!! AAARGH! Damn Euro styles. At least you guys could carry it; frickin fat euro guys on Cali beaches wearing speedos are like fat chicks at a nude beach.

  • Our early 1990's Grenadines "shared-adventure" was with the fellow on the left, who was assistant manger of The Trailhead in Missoula & 1/3rd owner of that 45' boat. It didn't cost a lot & we had a lot of fun, but Captain Ron cheated in the "French-Cut" photo. He tucked his fairly long shorts all into the middle.

    Good times with folks who are still friends!

    5 Grenadines.jpg

    7 Grenadines.jpg

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