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  • @David-Harris Yes!! Get the Finns out here to show us how the raking is done! Although I'm not really sure why we need them when Donald "...knows more about raking forests than anyone. Nobody knows more about raking forests than Donald J. Trump. In fact, some people are even saying that I'm the best forest-raker since Abraham Lincoln, and maybe I'm even better than he was--probably even better than George Washington...I don't know...but I must tell you...aaaaaand...I am a very strong, tremendous forest-raker, that I can tell you."

  • Bobcat fire becomes one of the largest in Los Angeles county history
    Wind-driven wildfire in mountains north-east of Los Angeles approached 156 sq miles Sunday and is expected to grow

    Looking south


  • zbrown: I'm impressed. I've been watching it for a few daze, since my fav cousin lives in Pasadena, about 4 miles from the edge of the San Gabriel mtns.

    bob Cat fire CA 9-21-2020.JPG

  • @toby

    It could have been even more disasterours had it gone in the opposite direction. Ala the 2009 Station Fire.

    I have friends in Sierra Madre and there are some ST'ers around Monrovia.

    Bobcat today

    The fire "continues to advance in all compass directions depending on fuels and topography," according to report from the unified command battling the fire. The blaze was expected to spread into several communities.

    The fire ranks among the largest in county history. The largest, the Station Fire in 2009, burned 250 square miles, killed two firefighters and burned almost 100 homes.

    Since the beginning of the year, there have been over 7,900 wildfires that have burned over 3.5 million acres in California. Since Aug. 15, when California’s fire activity elevated amid dry and windy conditions and a plethora of lightning strikes, there have been 26 fatalities and over 6,100 structures destroyed.

  • @zBrown ... oh no .... as to the bobcat fire... say, zbrown, thanks for the update... oh my... 😞

  • @FritzRay , say, fritz... hope and prayers for the cousins to stay okay...

  • Its been dry here. this one is rare for vermont. usually our fires burn dry fields in spring and fall but die out when they hit the woods. this one started by homeowners burn pile on construction site.

  • @NickG Wow! Good to know man made. When I first noted your post I thought; "Oh my!, We're sure starting early this year...". Presume they got it under control fairly short order?

  • steep hillside with ravines. it was contained on day3.. the noth east is different than out west we have a dangerous window in spring between when the snow melts and all the ferns and stuff grow in where there is a lot of fuel. usually by June the only way to get our woods to bun is with napalm.. then in the fall its dangerous again. about 85 people on site from 12 agencies

  • @NickG Not just Vermont that is being hit with "unusual" fires. I grew up in central Saskatchewan (Canada), a pretty much flat prairie... the southern half. But the north is mostly forested. Never had any fires though. Until now. CBC news has a piece on a fire that has broken out at about the point where farmland meets forest.

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