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  • So Alfalfa(TimidTR?) suggested someone make a Tiny Home thread...

    Here's my 3-Season place of living since 2010. Pretty sure it qualifies as a tiny home.


    The cabin in 8 x 12 feet, with the front porch adding another 5 x 12. The porch is really where most the living gets done. Kitchen, dining and parlor. Inside is really for sleeping and food/clothing storage. It's too dark to do much but read a book at night or listen to the radio(lighting not needed). The reason it is dark is because there is a rather full tree canopy shading it. If one cut away some of the trees, it would be lighter, but the impact would be at the expense of natural air cooling. In summer, it's only the 90+ days where the cabin goes from being cool to being ambient temperature.

    It has a propane heater, but I don't use it as it takes so long to warm up that you need to run the thing on the lowest setting the whole time because it just takes that long to warm up. The heater was a stupid idea, since one doesn't sit in the cabin for hours at a time except sleeping, and I have bedding that will take me to freezing and lower in comfort. In the van, it can take me to zero, but I assume the cabin would be uncomfortable at that temp, due to the space not getting body heat to warm things. Anyway - instead of that heater, I use a Mister Buddy hooked to a 20 lb propane cylinder. This is the time of year that comes in handy. I will turn it on high for about 10 minutes to get the chill out of the air when it's time to turn in at night. Then, if I am staying up, listening to radio or reading, I might put it on low. It gets turned off before I lay down though.

    The cabin has a full sized bed, built atop a storage platform that big bins slide under. There's also a shelf that runs the width of the cabin above the long length of the bed. That holds clothing.

    There's a dining room cabinet and a 3-shelf unit for pantry and storage of "things." and a bedside bookshelf for radio, drinking water, toiletries and doodads. Also a rocking chair and chamber pot.

    What else does a person really need?

    They're talking about bringing electricity in, but they've been saying that a few years already. I'm against it. Sure, it would be nice to have cold beverages in summer, but the tradeoff of a minimum monthly electric bill isn't a good trade off. Have not used refrigeration since 2010, though the last few years I have stored a few meals in the freezer at work.

    No plumbing either, and one would be surprised at how little difference that actually makes. There is an outhouse at the trailhead, and for bathing, I do have access at work, so I do a once a week one. The stream nearby is not my favorite for bathing, and I really don't do that. Some people would be fine with that, though.

  • When I was living in Colorado (just 2 years ago) they were becoming popular. In fact I was teaching at a school who partnered up with company that builds them. They had the students build them. Kinda like a "shop class". I don't think the school saw much money from their profits.

    I think we all could have a smaller footprint. Those Hobit homes were very cool. I think someone posted on the "show me what you're building" thread on ST that was built into a hill side that was awesome and small. I think in return the couple had a lot more land to grow vegetables, etc. I like it!

    Thanks for sharing a photo of your tiny home.

    Cheers! S....

  • Nice. Shade trees are key for summer living. windows are nice though. I lived in a dark hole cabin one summer and it gets you down. the cabin I lived in for 21 years had electricity, gravity feed running water in a sink and outdoor shower . bathroom was a privy in the back of the woodshed. that cabin was very bright with lots of windows...

  • @Happiegrrrl , wow, say, happie girrl... some of these threads, i know, might be older, ... i am just getting 'back in the saddle' ... (did not check if this was older, though, etc) ...

    but-- just wanted to say... wow, this is a really NEAT place you had here... i love it...

    i am used to living in small places, too... we used to... not sure if i have a pic... we were just 'on the poor side' a bit though, ... not as if it was a neat cabin, 🙂

    say, thanks for sharing all this... going to see more, stuff, now... happy good happiegirrrl eve!

  • @NickG , say there, say, nick! wow, my brother matt, has a cabin in the woods... not sure how much light he gets, either... he had a few scary moments, during the rim fire, but, thank god, he was okay... only lost his shed... man oh man... 🙂

  • @Skywalker , wow, say, neat project for the 'shop class' ... never hear of such a thing, thanks for sharing... 🙂

    *as to tiny houses, while, when we were in mexico, going with my 'then husband' to do work for someone's house (electrical) well... they made due with all kind of tiny places... improvising, etc... interesting, but--sad--as, you know that any rainy season, would be hard on them... 😞

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