Are you a real climber? Or a gaper?

  • @FritzRay I'd love to cruise this someday. Was a time I lived in a trailer at Ponderosa State Park whilst working as a field grunt for Idaho Fish & Game. Slick Rock was all I could grok from any locals but, alas, I could not find any such who were into climbing and I was not a 5.7/8 solo'er in those days. In any event, be cool fer' us old farts to hook up and cruise it next summer?

  • @toby said in Are you a real climber? Or a gaper?:

    Ah, things were looking more "columnar" from afar, e.g. Devils' Tower type stuff. Should have known to adjust fer' distance. Newbie bumble. !Aye, caramba! Thx, fer' the educatin.

    Actually, off-widths abound at El Escalon. There are several plums just waiting to be picked: Apparently, off-width climbing is not that popular here. El Escalon has a bit of everything, and does resemble Devil's Tower climbing a bit. Perhaps a thread dedicated to trad climbing in Mexico is in order.

  • @toby! I shared the whole story with Tom Lopez, who maintains a online updated version of his book "Idaho A Climbing Guide." I really think (FritzRay shuffles & feet & looks down) that the whole story is not worthy of this fine site.

    Me at the summit register.

    Here's a link to the slightly sordid story of me discoving easy routes from my youth ain't easy these daze.

  • This woman is a real climber (and when I try to follow her, I realize I'm a real gaper)

    Queen of the Desert.jpg

  • Rapping off Sister Superior?

  • @Jaybro said in Are you a real climber? Or a gaper?:

    Rapping off Sister Superior?

    Yes. About 10 years ago.

  • I recognized the view! That’s a realclimb!

  • I tie in and go first often enough, but I do use a guide book. Oh, well. Fritz, I'm SO down with the knee pads. When you want some action on the ledges, they really help. But seriously, I had the foresight to put them on for big routes in The Valley, and chimney's and aid were so much more comfortable. The endless slots at the top of the DNB were made reasonably fun with knee pads. Without, you be grindin' for miles.

  • Back into scanning mode after a couple of months. First box of slides I pulled out of the drawer was labeled "Indian Rock 1997", and I can now share a photo of a real climber. Okay, we were just top-roping at Berkeley's in-city crag, and in '97 he was already 71, but he could still pull down. Hard. The year before, I'd given him a tour of Squamish, and couldn't believe what he was getting up -- with no more apparent effort than those of us twenty years his junior.

    Anyway, here's Allen Steck about to fire a dyno on his home rock. One of the truly "real" climbers -- and one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.

    Indian Rock 1997 011.jpg

  • Steckin' it, eh!

    Berkeley always rocked in one way or another.

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