Migrating RPU to New Cloud Provider Host

  • Migrating RPU to New Cloud Provider Host

    Our veritable cloud provider of these many years tossed in the towel on the public option. Migrating Teamcool Networks to a new cloud provider is underway and I think I about have all my t's crossed and i's dotted to move Redpoint University Climber Forums sometime later tonight.

    So, how will this go down, eh?

    1. I'll put the site into "Maintenance Mode".

    2. Quick final backups/syncs of any posts/pics w/the new server.

    3. Tell DNS to route forums.redpointuniversity.com to the new server's IP address.

    4. Reboot everything, cross fingers, and hope it works....Any minor glitches I cannot fix in five minutes I'll roll the whole deal back.

    5. Presuming it does, you may have to wait a bit for DNS to propagate the new records. Try clearing your browser cache and refreshing.

    This should not take too long. Maybe an half hour, hour tops.

    In any event, I'll likely do this sometime tonight, so please be advised, eh?

  • @toby On the bright-side. I uploaded a bunch of photos to this site tonight for my "Mad Dogs & Rock Collectors thread with zero problems. Best wishes for a seamless transition!

  • Alrighty, then. Let's git' 'er done....🐕

  • Okie, dokie. Hopefully that was not too painful fer' y'all.

    Enjoy! 🐕

  • Yippie yi-yo kiyah!

    We have our first registered user, arriving via prism, to RPU's new cloud host home. Rock on, doncha' know! 🎸



  • Oooh, la, la!!!


    Our second member I've yet to notice make the expedition via prism to our latest and greatest abode. How was the journey, eh? Inquiring minds are dyin' to know. Eh?

    Party on, Wayne! 🥃

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