Microsoft for Reals or Scam? HELP!

  • Just got a call on my iPhone. The contact showed on the phone display and voice recognition indicated the call was from "John Penca". I thought is was my dad (same name), so I answered it. Got a recording saying it was Microsoft and my IP address had been compromised by foreign phones and my IP addy would be canceled within 24 hours. Gave me a prompt to talk to a technician; I hung up.

    I checked my "recents" and it showed the call came from my phone number.

    WTF? Did someone break my iPhone code/addy? Would Microsoft take over my phone to call me? It seems like a bogus call, but I can't figure out why it came from my phone.

  • Bogus

    I might look into it later

    It is kind of interesting

    And I now have a iPhone

  • Microsoft tech support will Never contact you unless you set the contact up. If you don't have to jump though major hurdels to even find a tech support number and then once you find the number get past the computer voice its not real.

  • I've had spoofed calls like that from my own phone number, identifying the caller as me. You need a sense of humor and the judgement to just ignore all the criminal enticements to survive the digital age.😸

  • @johntp A guy I know fell for a similar alert on his computer. He's older but that's still no reason for anyone to not know the basic protective measures to avoid cyber scammers. They actually told him they couldn't charge the amount needed to unfreeze his computer(yes, they were able to freeze it), because it was above some threshold, but could take a check. All he had to do the time he had told us THAT we were like "Go to your bank NOW." He actually got mad at us, thinking we didn't know what we were talking about!

  • Get a spam-spoof blocker from your App Store.

    I use one called Hiya. Anytime I get a call from an unrecognized source I don’t answer it. If they leave a message that is unwanted or they don’t leave one I copy it to the app and it will identify the source, usually a name I don’t recognize.
    I have the option to block it and label it as spam, telemarketing bill collector etc.

    It goes into their database and anyone else ho gets a call from that number gets a spam warning or it is blocked entirely.

    An annual fee of $14.00 lets you search 200 calls a month. I don’t search half that number but I get a lot of calls that were blocked and labeled Do Not Return and why.

    Since you don’t normally call your own number unknowingly, I would call my service provider and report it and change your number because some roto-dial operation has breached someone’s database or contact list (maybe yours) and is probably using the name and number any number of times.

    Pain to change numbers but it sounds like the safe thing to do.

  • I ended up blocking myself. Not a problem since.

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