Ancient Rock Art and Ruins

  • On another thread I saw a photo of rock art, which made me think: Most of us, over a lifetime of climbing, have probably come across indications that we were not the first visitors to a given area. I propose that we share images, without revealing specific locations of course, of the things left behind by others who were there before us.

    Desolation 4.jpg

    Desolation Canyon

  • @Scole +1 Groovy. See Toby's wall paper.... 🐕

  • I'm in! Heidi & I have gone to Southern Utah &/or the 4-Corners area almost every spring since 2000 for a week or two.

    This place was an "interesting" scramble.

    Ray Cedar Mesa 2006 051.jpg

    But the views were worth the risk.
    Ray Cedar Mesa 2006 050.jpg

  • 112.JPG

    Red Desert, Wyoming

  • leica 085.jpg

  • Splitter cracks just minutes walk from your door. This property is ready to move in.

  • @Scole said in Ancient Rock Art and Ruins:

    This property is ready to move in.

    Yeah, I looked at that one (or one very much like it) almost exactly 55 years ago. But even if I'd been adult enough to actually purchase it (or any property), I'd have demanded gas, sewer, and water hookups.

    On a more recent visit, we met the guy (gal? thing? alien?) that built all those houses and scratched all those pictures into the rock. Yeah, s/he/it is still there. Pretending to be just one more chunk of the stone, but the eyes give s/he/it away.

    Utah desert.jpg

  • David! That ------ thing? is interesting. On a long-ago visit we reached a high point on a ridge & looked across to the twin alcoves, with ruins, that I dubbed the "Eyes of God."

    Eyes of God-Comb Ridge 2001.-small.jpg

    It seemed like bold climbers could scramble into each eye & I'm certain someone has. We did not. Some places just seem to be sacred.

    However! This formation seems to have major power. A group of 7 kivas are just below it.


  • " Yeah, s/he/it is still there. Pretending to be just one more chunk of the stone, but the eyes give s/he/it away."

    The stone people are everywhere

  • This thread needs to be ruined! This place is a popular 3rd. class hike & the BLM has now imposed daily visitor limits.

    Ray Cedar Mesa 2006 060.jpg

    Ray Cedar Mesa 2006 059.jpg

    Ray Cedar Mesa 2006 061.jpg

    Speaking of hikes, this hike is not popular. Heidi & Angela pretending it's a good trail.


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