Boise to Pocatello?

  • Thinking somewhere along the corridor from (and including) Boise to Pocatello would be a nice area to look at down the road (1-2 years). The area seems close to outdoor activities and affordable. Anyone have any personal experience with this region?

  • @johntp A certain religious persuasion predominates the area and oft perceived as rather insular and mono culture to outsiders. Maybe a bit too much inbreeding from somewhere bitd of multiple sister wives and such....

    But there be some local choss about pretty much anywhere's ya' goes so I guess it all boils down to desperation level. City of Rocks offers awesome smorgasbord but is crowded nowadays. Still, worthy of a few weeks concerted study were ye' in the neck of the woods and the weather favorable.

    If you're thinking anywhere around Twin Falls, then in addition to whatever gorge stuff, you're driving straight shot north up to Ketchum. Pioneers. Galena Summit and then come into the Sawtooths from the back. Some alpine stuff awaits those in the mood fer' a lil' bit of solitude.

    As for smorgasbord... once we start considerin' not too far of a drive... lots of possibles. The Grand, American Fork, Smith Rocks, Owens, Sierra East Side - all w/in a days drive I guess.

    Then there's the whole Mad Dogs Go Out In The Mid-day Sun genre....

    And yer' not even begun to get wet... yet... but somethings are best left to imagination, eh?

    Still... I think there are much better places one might consider being....

    My $0.02

  • Yeah, just throwing it out there. No doubt there are better places, but I'm on a somewhat limited budget for housing post divorce (ex got the almost paid for Cali house and more).

    Thinking I may want to leave Little Rock down the road. Arkansas is pretty nice but the long. hot, humid summers aren't my cup of tea and I miss the alpine. Family is close here though and that counts for a lot.

    Not going anywhere soon, just fishing around right now.

  • @johntp said in Boise to Pocatello?:

    No doubt there are better places, but I'm on a somewhat limited budget for housing post divorce

    Well, if you can acquire legal residency in Canada, you could do what we did, and retire to Powell River.

    Here's a (probably 20-year-old) aerial view of the place from the west:
    Aerial view of Powell River.jpg

    And, looking the other way from PR across the Pacific to the mountains on Vancouver Island:
    Orcas from Powell River.jpg

    And moving to this oddly remote spot (it's only 70 miles from Vancouver and 60 miles from Squamish, but you have to take two ferries to get here) does not mean giving up good beer. The brewmaster in the local brewpub is Belgian, and this is what is back in the brewery:
    Townsite barrels.jpg .

    Seriously, if you can move north, this place meets all your criteria.

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