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  • @Toker-V Good job! And you're welcome.

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  • Nope. Definitely a pita

    and how do I edit or delete???

  • @Toker-V Edit/Delete---> See the 3 little vertical dots at the far right bottom of your screen? Click on those to find editing functions.

  • @RussWalling said in [Meanwhile back at the r

    Go to FILE, drag down to EXPORT, change name, save as JPEG, push QUALITY slider all the way to the right, click SAVE. It will save to either some folder or to the desktop. You can pick this in the same box.

    Now, if it is on your desktop, write your post on RPF, and just drag the new image to your post. It will upload and you can see the progress on the progress bar and then the image will appear in the column on the right that is your preview...

    I suspect that that this could be described without all the jargon, and that posting photos could be easier than requiring a 10 step process.
    Tried several times to post photos of a new crag , but you know what, fuck it.

    @L-Aura said in Meanwhile back at the ranch:

    @Toker-V OK Ron, I'm on a Mac and here's what I do (and like I said, I ain't no tech whiz) to resize.

    If I've tried to post a photo and gotten the little red notification at the bottom right of the screen that the pix is too large, I go back to the photo and click on it to open it.

    I then go to the very top bar on my Mac--the one with the Apple icon--that says Preview...File...Edit...View...Go...Tools...Window...Help

    I click on Tools which gives me a dropdown menu.

    I go down the menu to the box that says Width

    If my photo was like 42 (inches), I change the number in that box to 30....which will automatically change all the other sizing to match.

    I make sure to save it, then go back to the text box and delete the old, too-large photo address, and go through the photo posting process again to insert the newly resized photo's address, and then click Submit.

    If my second try is still too large, I drop the Width down to 25 or even 23.

    I'm getting an intuitive sense for it now, so I usually make the Width around 25 to begin with, but this all probably depends on photo variables that I, unlike Russ, have no idea how to interpret, so the bumblers way is my way. 🙂

    This isn't much clearer.
    I get as far as adjusting the size successfully.

  • If you say jargon again, I'm going to drop on a knife.

    This is exceedingly simple shit we are trying to do here. I sorta hope you are winding us up for fun. If you are NOT, I would suggest learning about your machine. This method of making pictures smaller and posting has been standard for 2 decades at least. C'mon man... trying to help but, but we will get nowhere if you don't have some idea of what is going on.

    Maybe do some online education or something to get a grasp of the machine and programs that come standard on the machine.

    read this:

    and this:

  • I told you; I get as far as resizing successfully.
    Ironic that you taught me in very simple terms to post photos on the taco after I was having hours of frustration and then threatened to delete the thread about the Latok reunion that Layton Kor secretly showed up at. Nothing about save as j-peg, RPFs, quality sliders, files. You actually walked me thru telling me what I would see and where and what to do next.

    Look, I know how to search google and send mail with photos, but having nerd like computer skills is not high on my wish list.
    These things are a monumental waste of time as is.

    I'm more concerned about earning the big bucks and see my value more in how much I can help others than how snappy I can be on electronic devices. If you are going to disparage me then at least tell me what you do for others.

  • @RussWalling

    • JPEG: commonly shortened to .jpg to denote jpeg files during Windows 8.3 file naming limits days. Those are long gone now so skip worrying about 8.3 (it is not a climbing related rating). JPEG's are a very commonly used file format for digital images, a.k.a. pictures.

    • Pixel

    • Common units of measurement of file sizes:

    1. KiB
    2. MiB
    3. KB
    4. MB
    5. How iOS and macOS define file sizes
    • Preview: A tool on MacOS. Previews are often employed by file browsers to display smaller view of an image, e.g. thumbnail size, so you don't have to open each image individually to view each picture.

    • Tool: something that helps you get things done. Hopefully with greater efficiency.

    • Icon: In regards to computers, a small visual representation that substitutes for text descriptions. For example, you would click on Firefox's desktop icon to launch the Firefox web browser.

    • Image Resolution: the degree of detail in an image (in this context, at least). Higher resolution means more fidelity to original image subject. Higher resolution photos contain more data, and hence correlated with increasingly larger file sizes.

    I've trawled this thread picking out everything I might imagine to be "jargon" but honestly speaking, this is all pretty common knowledge for most. Maybe English is a second language? Perhaps you could elaborate on just what "jargon" you are finding perplexing?

    Hope this helps. ✌

  • see previous post

    edit ; ok so you added j-peg but your definition,...

  • > I'm more concerned about earning the big bucks and see my value more in how much I can help others than how snappy I can be on electronic devices. If you are going to disparage me then at least tell me what you do for others.

    Ron, I'm not interested in having a philanthropic dick measuring contest with you... I know... you thrive on everyone knowing on how much you give... that's great.

    I'm sorry my help is not simple enough for you and I can't really make it any plainer. Go read up on those links. If you don't get it, then I guess we will all miss out on your visual content.

  • You haven't got a clue as to what I give.

    But obviously my content is less important now. Thanks Russ.

  • @Toker-V said in Meanwhile back at the ranch:

    You haven't got a clue as to what I give.

    Only what you tell us about constantly... sounds like a lot.

    Go read the fucking links and if you want to sulk off with me being the asshole, I can live with that.

  • this is going no where fast, gonna give everyone a bit of a breather from this mess and lock the thread for now. PM me for help if you're still stuck please.

  • Fwiw, to scroll to the top one can press the sideways 'reverse' button here to scroll to the top, (on the left) and on the right press the 'fast forward' button to go to the end.
    Project - Drawing 1 (8).jpeg

  • Toker-V:

    The "icon" second from right in the image above that looks like what would be used for a character in a comic's speaking initiates "Chat", a.k.a. "PM", or Private Message. This can be used for direct one to one conversations. An easy way to initiate a chat with a particular user would be to click on that user's user name, e.g. "halfwit" in this instance. That will take you to that user's "Home Page". Find the blue circle on the right w/the three vertical dots. Click on that and a menu should pop up. Select "Start new chat" option to initiate a new chat.

    halfwit often stays up coding (programming/writing computer software) at night, when he can focus during quiet hours, so he may well not be around for a few more hours yet.

    I realize trying to get things like this sorted out can be frustrating but let us endeavor to remain civil towards each other, especially "helpers" as these folks are making a best effort, chipping in out of the goodness of their hearts. It can be frustrating all around. When it starts to get a bit too much and tensions mount let us all step back and take a breath or two before venting those frustrations. It may make us feel better in the moment but is ultimately unconstructive to accomplishing our objectives.

    Gotta run and get some stuff done. Hope you get this sorted out. Good luck. ✌

  • Well I went to dinner with friends and this morning got to ride my new bike (before the tariffs kick in) before coming back to this mess;

    @RussWalling said in Meanwhile back at the ranch:

    ok... mac... pic a photo out of PHOTOS and drag the small picture to the desktop

    Open this picture in PREVIEW

    Go to TOOLS on the Preview menu bar

    Drag down to ADJUST SIZE...

    I got thru that, but if it had said to look in the upper left hand corner for the word PREVIEW, now look to the right for the word TOOLS, click on it, now look down the list that appears for ADJUST SIZE, now click on that;

    then it would have been clearer to me. Could it be that Russ doesn't even realize he is talking in computerspeak?

    "if it is on your desktop, write your post on RPF, and just drag the new image to your post" loses me. Whats next? A fish tank for Stevie Wonder?

    This thread was supposed to be about the superbloom,

    I get as far as adjusting the size down to less than 3MB, but when I click on OK I just get a bunch of letters and numbers instead of an image.

  • Toker-V good fking gawd!!!!!

    You've been swallowing the bong water for way tooo looonnnngggg and kan't do a simple thing .......

  • @Toker-V said in Meanwhile back at the ranch:

    instead Russ is rude and L'Aura is peeing herself laughing at my ineptitude

    What's going on with you, Ron? You don't seem like your usually easygoing self.

    First of all, I would never laugh at you for not understanding this techie stuff right off the bat, because I myself am really challenged with it most of the time. If you saw how many times I posted then deleted when I was first trying to get a photo sized and posted, you'd think a pre-schooler was sitting at the keyboard banging her head on it.

    I understand now that I didn't give "complete" instructions, and apologize for the bad beta.

    Believe me, no one here is judging you, least of all me. I've seen the stuff you've posted on ST in the past and have nothing but admiration for you.

    So holster yer pistols there, Cowboy, and come join the campfire, eh? You've got stories to tell and we all want to hear 'em.

  • Saw your response to trollmonkey.

  • Attacking people who are taking time and energy to help you, or proverbially biting the hand that feeds you; then insulting the forums that are being provided for you, for free isn't going to help anyone have a better time here. I'm locking a second thread of yours, but this is the last time I'm going to bother. Be kind and respectful, or be elsewhere.

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