Meanwhile back at the ranch

  • @Toker-V Ha! Nice Indian Paint Brush amidst the Great Basin Sage!

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner 👍

    I am going to move this thread to the "General Discussion" category, since it is not actually a trip report. Looking forward to your actual reports now that you have image uploads sorted 🙂

  • @Toker-V Pretttttty!

  • Drag and drop test from the ranch...


    upload version...


    Screenshot to reduce size (overlimit error direct from Photos 1.8-2.3mb native) was still too big. Further reduced to 9" x locked native aspect saved as PNG @579kb

    Can anyone tell any difference in the two photos??

  • @RussWalling Not to my eyes. At first I thought maybe, barely, slight edge to the first. On second assessment, I then thought not.

  • @toby I'm seeing the bottom one as being a bit "brighter" overall in exposure... moved them up and down the monitor and up and down in my glasses.... real hard to say though. Drag and drop is a game changer for lobbing in quick pics.

  • @RussWalling I am on an Eizo (entry level model) sporting 2560x1440. Just put 'er into sRGB mode and checked again for more color correct view. Still cannot see any difference. Maybe a young buck w/golden eyesight might? But I am guessing not cuz I have been told I have a pretty good eye for such. Hence, if there is, folks are going to have to scrutinize it pretty damn closely to pick it up.

    My $0.02, fwiw 😎

    Edit: Just took yet another look in "normal" mode. Yeah, maybe just ever a tad brighter on the bottom one.

  • @toby Roger that... not enough to worry about since mostly just snapshot type stuff gets posted anyway. I've got to drink some beer now, but will test a bit later with some different formats. What formats does the forum pic uploader desire or accept... not weird stuff like .eps, but maybe .tiff or .psd??

    Standard stuff ought to drop though, like .png, .jpg, .gif etc.

  • @RussWalling Presently allowing jpeg, png, and bmp, although I may remove the bitmaps. I excluded gif's because I don't want the boards polluted with bunches of animated crap. Work for you??

  • Sounds good to me... anyone holding a .gif image, like a logo or something back from the 64 available colors model, can probably update it to a jpeg... one would hope! thanks!

  • Well I don't know how I pulled off the one, but now every time I try to choose a photo I get told that the file is too big.
    I tried making an email in medium and then dragging it to my desktop, but get the same.

  • @Toker-V File has to be under 2mb I think... it is in the FAQ... but like above, mine were too big when I opened them in Photos... so I took a screen shot and cropped that and saved... just barely too big on a big photo... but real close and should work on something like a 5 x 7 image on your screen. So I opened the cropped screen shot in a photo editing program... on a mac it is Preview. From there I just clicked on "size" and made it about 9" across and it automatically made the height correct. Saved it and it was like 500k, and within the size limit for upload. Drag and drop... Voila!!

    Edit: the faq says about 3mb is the max image size to upload

  • @RussWalling

    Default maximun file size was 2MB. I doubled to 4MB. Later decided to split the difference at 3MB.

    Image size itself is another matter. Maximum image size that one may attempt to upload is 5,000 x 5,000 pixels. Images wider than 1520 pixels are resized down to 760 pixels in width. I probably will need to do some additional tweaking so that could become more or less conservative as I get a better feel for site and db growth.

    It may be working out that I was a bit too generous (cuz I do enjoy photos of cool places and such). Result being we're getting lots of images without much of any discussion. I've not spent much time on the alternative boards but from what I have observed they seem to be having more actual conversations??

    Edit: Have since returned to the defaults. At least until the exponential growth levels off 😉

  • If I understood what you guys are talking about I likely wouldn't have problems posting photos. System definitely not user friendly and instructions use too much jargon.

  • @Toker-V said in Meanwhile back at the ranch:

    If I understood what you guys are talking about I likely wouldn't have problems posting photos. System definitely not user friendly and instructions use too much jargon.

    ok.. lets start with are you on a mac or a pc?

  • @Toker-V

    Skip the 'jargon' and try to get the gist of it. The details are for technical folks for whom they do convey valuable info.

    For what it is worth, I find this system to be very user friendly. It is more modern, however, and thus different from the vast plethora of older, 'legacy' boards, most of which descended from vBulletin and/or phpBB forks. In olden times, for example, everyone was on a desktop box (since cells and pads did not yet exist) so user interface designers could optimize for that. Pretty much everyone had closely similar sized monitors as well. Fast forward to modern times and interface designers must contend with a lot more variables, ranging from 4/5K ultra high resolution stuff 32" plus wide displays all the way down to smartphones. Hence the evolution of 'adaptive interfaces' to accommodate different device types.

    Choosing sensible, sane default settings that meet the needs of the majority then comes into play on top of that adding yet more complexity. These days, the majority are using cells and pads. Default setting of 'continuous scrolling' rather than traditional 'paginated' layout reflects this evolution.

    Not being fascists... in most cases you are not stuck with the defaults cuz...

    Check your 'Settings' menu, there's a knob for that... 👍

    So there is a pretty good chance that you can have it your way once you tweak a knob or two. I'd recommend surfing the defaults for a bit first though. You may well find they grow on you 🌻

    Still does not work for you? Yeah, all software sucks! We're never going to please one hundred percent of the people one hundred percent of the time no matter what you do. No matter how hard one tries. So we just do our best and hope that our stuff sucks less. 🐕

  • Mac



  • ok... mac... pic a photo out of PHOTOS and drag the small picture to the desktop

    Open this picture in PREVIEW

    Go to TOOLS on the Preview menu bar

    Drag down to ADJUST SIZE...

    in the box pick FIT INTO: and select 1024 x 768

    RESOLUTION should be 72

    at the bottom of that box it says RESULTING FILE SIZE

    This shows you how big the file was, and how big it is now... if it is under the 3mb limit, click OK

    Go to FILE, drag down to EXPORT, change name, save as JPEG, push QUALITY slider all the way to the right, click SAVE. It will save to either some folder or to the desktop. You can pick this in the same box.

    Now, if it is on your desktop, write your post on RPF, and just drag the new image to your post. It will upload and you can see the progress on the progress bar and then the image will appear in the column on the right that is your preview...

    Try it and see if it works. This is on mac OSX 10.11.6 El Capitan, but should be similar on all their offerings of OS and Preview app

  • Got as far as resulting size


    51KB (was 6M)

    If I have to click on something you have to also tell me where it is

  • Should look something like this:

    Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 3.58.55 PM.png

  • I told you what my resulting size was, again, if I have to click on something you also have to tell me WHERE it is

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