A Bill to Establish Congressional Term Limits

  • Another mock bill from the 2018/2019 Congressional Debate Legislation Packet. High School debaters participating in Congressional Debate events write, introduce, debate, and then vote on these. I only judged and did not have any input otherwise.

    Most debate events require participants be prepared to argue either side of an issue. Congress does not. It is hard to have a debate in an "echo chamber", however, so in the interest of "having a good session" the more seasoned participants are often prepared to do so.

    A Bill to Establish Congressional Term Limits

    Be it enacted by the congress here assembled that:

    Section 1.

    Term limits will be set on both House and Senate seats, limiting the amount of times a candidate can hold political office.

    A. House term limits shall be set to a maximum of five terms, each term lasting two years.

    B. Senate term limits shall be set to a maximum of two terms, each term lasting six years.

    Section 2.

    Political Office shall be defineds as: the name given to the governments office that is obtained by an election.

    Section 3.

    The Federal Election Commission shall oversee the implementations and enforcement of this bill.

    A. If a term starts in a special elections, resulting in a partiallenght term, then that term shall not count towards the limit.

    B. If a term is unable to be completed for whatever reason, then the term shall count toward the limit.

    Section 4.

    This law will take effect within six months of passage.

    Section 5.

    All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void.

    Uuhh... wtf?!

    Maybe y'all will enjoy debating some of these mock bills, maybe not. Party on, Wayne! ✌

    Sponsor: Introduced for Congressional Debate by Bishop Kelly High School.

  • Term limits are a definite move in the right direction.

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