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  • Nope. No search. Yet.

    Why? Cuz like most things most things tech: There's more than one way to do it. And, as is my nature, if I am going to do it ... I want "search done right". Hence I wanted/needed to get a few posts here first prior to moving forward evaluating the options.

    What? For the more technically inclined, you may have noted the forums being offline briefly a week or so after launch. This was me testing the backend db's built in search functions. Although the convenience of "low hanging fruit" was attractive, the results were not. Nor was the ensuing impact on system resources. I chose to prioritize responsiveness over mediocre search functionality. So kind of two strikes against it, but still an option.

    When? Seeing how action talks and b.s walks... a reasonable question. Answer is that I've been busy with other things as of late. Hosting a family reunion here next week, other tech stuff, etc. Unless there's a strong hue and cry otherwise, might be more towards Fall before I get to it.

    Note: I am well aware of other low hanging fruit but also value the community's privacy so the ensuing spyware that accompany such is non starter for me.

  • Done Deal...


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    Yippie yi-yo kiyah!

    Enjoy! o/ 🐕

    Note: Search privileges are restricted to community members to prevent abuse.

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