I'm Considering Selling ClimbAddict Designs

  • As many of you know, I have been operating a small climbing-centric business, ClimbAddict Designs, for several years. ClimbAddict Designs is primarily a chalkbag maker/seller at this point, although there is also a print-on-demand component offering climbing graphics on apparel and giftware. The chalkbags have a great reputation as being larger than most commercially available designs and well made.

    I've worked it at a cottage industry level, i.e., it's not a money machine, though there is potential for it to expand if someone is motivated to do so. ClimbAddict could be a great addition to a clothing line, or a collection of packs and small gear bags, or chalkbags could be manufactured at a production line level instead of small-run patterns finished with hand-stitching.

    Because my other business, Talisman Shops, has been receiving more and more of my efforts, I think it's time to consider letting go of ClimbAddict, and I'd like to see someone else take it up rather than close it completely or continue as I am with limited time available for it.

    I'm preparing now for adding some patterns for the fall/winter 2019/2020 season, so will have new offerings available in October, and can transition with a new owner pretty fluidly for whatever time frame seems right.

    What's Up for Consideration:
    The ClimbAddict Chalkbag brand, current inventory, some raw materials and supplier information, web address, several social media profiles. Also proprietary information on patterns/construction, and transition phase consulting. Up-to-date, well-stocked E-Commerce shop on Etsy, with solid reputation and 5-star rating. Go to ClimbAddictDesigns.Etsy.com to veiw the shop and products. The brand does have an operation website/blog, but a new owner would be better served developing new ones as the look is outdated.
    Potential for taking over the print-on-demand component of ClimbAddict Designs. This includes access to operation of online shops on CafePress and Zazzle and their currently uploaded designs only. Graphic Art files are no longer available.

    Some questions can be answered here, but I may prefer to converse privately, and will advise if that's the case. Inquiries can be directed to Terrie at ClimbAddictDesigns@gmail.com or message me here. Chalkbag.jpg

  • @Happiegrrrl Cool chalk bag. I am going to move this to the Gearhead Mind Hive category. Good luck!

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