Let's get this polititard party started!

  • But what is it with the dems and this idiotic push to lower the voting age to 16? WTF? Really? Eighteen is marginal at best and necessary if we're going to be sending the kids off to fight and die for their country but sixteen? FWIW, I don't see it ever happening. More of a rallying cry to get younger people to vote at all.

  • I am for anybody not named Don. 🎸

  • @BAd-clYmber

    Indeed. I have heard well reasoned arguments for raising the voting age to 21. Ditto the age for buying tobacco.

    Pretty hard to argue against being old enough to die for your country but not old enough to vote or buy tobacco. Which logically leads to the question: If 18 is an insufficient "age of reason" to make make good choices about voting, tobacco and alcohol, why is it then sufficient to potentially go to war and die?

    The answer? We are perhaps the biggest hypocrites in the history of the world?

    On a related note, I'd be all for raising the driving age to eighteen. Insurance industry has a huge incentive to slice and dice the demographics and statistics and the proof is in the pudding on this one: younger drivers get into lots more accidents. And they're not just crashing into other young drivers.

    So now we are back to personal freedoms and balance between rights to pursue life, liberty and happiness versus the common good.

    Sticky wickets. Indeed.

  • I haven't heard about lowering the voting age to 16, but no doubt a Democrat is driving it- younger voters tend to vote Democrat.

    If there's a serious interest in this, it strikes me as a universally BAd idea (no pun, just irony). Hell, people don't seem to be mature and thoughtful enough to run their own lives until they hit closer to 30 these days.

  • @apogee I think this is a topic worthy of discussion. If others feel likewise, I shall move it to it's own thread: Voting Age, or Age of Reason, or some such more descriptive title so interested parties may notice it.

  • Toby, I would suggest just letting it sit for now, and see where it goes. Sometimes a comment will spur a deeper discussion, and sometimes they end quickly. Having too many threads (many with minimal content), just muddies the 'dashboard' of topics. (IMO)

  • @apogee

    Agree on the too many threads. Devil's Advocate: Having a conversation about age of reason, etc. scattered about a "Politard Party" thread is less than descriptive. Both can result in lost needles in the haystack. So once again, one man's meat, another's poison. Balance is an elusive quest.

    I realize old habits die hard. However, we also must adjust and adapt when those habits no achieve desired goals. For example, these boards allow focusing on quality over quantity. Folks into the "post whore" game can filter by "Recent" while those more interested in quality can filter on "Popular". Just into "the new" then filter on "Unread". The user experience designers really did go the extra mile here. Unfortunately... many have yet to discover it. Give them time. 😎

    P.S.; "Post whoring" is to be discouraged here. Should also be unnecessary since we have more modern boards that do not need to be gamed in such manner just to make your stuff visible. ✌

  • So many delightful new phrases.

    "Post whoring."

    I've got some idea what it means. What's the real definition?

    (P.S. trying to interact a bit with posts like these in order to gain some familiarity with the layout of the site and of threads and posts.)

  • @mtnyoung said in Let's get this polititard party started!:

    So many delightful new phrases.

    "Post whoring."

    I've got some idea what it means. What's the real definition?

    (P.S. trying to interact a bit with posts like these in order to gain some familiarity with the layout of the site and of threads and posts.)

    Uh.... at the risk of bad mouthing other sites, I'd rather not. But I don't think you'll have to ponder it too long. Incessant, zero value"bumping" is one of the primary symptoms.

  • @toby all fair enough, re: higher quality signal to noise...

  • This forum has nothing.

    It's empty, full of words only with no substance, no real life.

    Just full of old dead people from an old defunct dead forum

  • @SmoknDuck

    Objective analysis of increasingly complex issues requires near heroic effort. Maybe a huge part of why we have abdicated such in favor of "identity politics". Choosing a group we identify with and then being told what to think takes a lot less mental bandwidth. Further exacerbated by the fact that the US worker puts in more hours per week than any other country except Japan - ya' know, the one that also has the highest heart attack and suicide rates. All part of the conspiracy of the power elite to keep us distracted from coming after their sacred cows. A tough nut to crack when you are focused on survival on a Maslow level.

    Be all that as it may, I kind of see this thread as a "welcome back politards" meet and greet space. Maybe check out some of the other threads in this category, such as Gerrymandering and 2019 Presidential Me Too!!, the latter of which I forked off from here so as to provide a more descriptive container focusing on those particular issues.

    I also welcome you to start your own thread. Got issues? Got some analysis? Lay it on us. Appreciate your $0.02. 😎

  • Hey! The ultimate Stooopid American is here!

    Welcome, Duck Smoker!

  • @apogee

    I am not too sure


  • Kind nice to see a political thread fizzle out on a climbers site, a sign of priorities?

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