data visualization - a couple of neat examples for data geeks

    lots of neat stuff here if you poke around

    other examples you like?

  • But the bears

    What about the bears

    Ok now on the to the second one

    Windy is good but maybe I need a more powerful computer

  • I favor for weather. They've since renamed themselves to but ... I prefer the forecast name and still have in my bookmarks from years back. It's a damn good weather service w/dandy mobile apps. I don't use Apple products but know a couple folks who use their iPhone app and give it good marks. Heh, I don't use an Android anymore either so cannot speak to that side but suspect it's pretty darn good as well.

    Okay, enough promo and onto the subject at hand: One thing that set them apart early on was the absence of b.s. ads and the presence of excellent mapping that you could select/tune for different parameters of interest, e.g. wind speed. Here's a blog post where they talk about it some.

    All that eye candy aside, I find them to be far more accurate than the competition, e.g. and, which tend to monetize by acting as portals to click bait stuff I don't care to be bombarded with when I just want to check the weather. Also, not financially incentivized to "massage" the data so as to keep me checking back every ten minutes for updates. Toby recommended. 👍

  • Thanks skiroc for the original posting.

  • Dark Sky Net


    Powell River, B.C. Weather Visualizations


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