Vintage Gear

  • My friend hippy Bob in his brief climbing career of being tourtured by me. He is using my 43cm hummingbird and my trusty 60cm Coonyard . looks like I placed two snargs and a hideous lowe self racheting screw that was almost impossible to get into NE ice.. those are likely my datcshine wool mittens as well.


  • @NickG Ah, yes! Dandy mitts, those were. No clue wtf ever happened to mine 😞 😢

  • I still have two pairs of Dachstein mitts, although I have not worn either for many years. I loved them "back in the day," since they could be sopping wet & frozen on the outside & my fingers would be just fine inside them. I guess I need to sell one of these pairs on eBay. The loops on the one pair were added by me. I really hated dropping them on climbs, although I always brought a spare pair.

    The Lowe Hummingbird hammer was an early one, that I drilled & added the nylon leash to. It wasn't until later that I worried how much that drill hole might have weakened the shaft.



  • @FritzRay said in Vintage Gear:

    The loops on the one pair were added by me. I really hated dropping them on climbs,

    Ha. So I'm not the only one who, with childhood memories of mitten strings, added loops to his various mitts.

    A string running (under your outer jacket) over your shoulders and down each arm and ending in a lightweight clip at each end meant never having to worry about splitting your focus from where it needed to be when doing something that required bare-hand dexterity to also taking care that your mitt or glove didn't disappear.

  • Toby, if you had the strings on your mittens you wouldn't have lost them... I still have a pair and a half... or so?

  • @NickG !Aye, Caramba!!!!

    Alas, they did not get lost on an adventure. Or maybe they did if you count "Adventures in Moving".

    Mine were like the ones in the first photo. Strangely, I have no idea how I acquired them in the first place other than I know I did not buy (nor steal) them. Not even the foggiest clue. Sucks to get older, mon.... Vague recollection that I may have found them on the trail. 🤔

    Heh, on an ironic note: I do have the strings/leash for my musher mittens but no musher mittens either!!!

  • Everything from the last century The oldest thing there is the hammer from '76,(only the handle showing) Anyone recognize the'red' rope?
    hint: It's 150' 9ml sold by the rope company, back when there were only 2-3 companies importing . . .
    The pattern & colors might be as big a giveaway as the mention of the age of the hammer,

  • Some of you must recognize these...

    Clog ascenders.jpg

  • @David-Harris Yep. Yippie ki-yah, ki-yo....

    Heh... @johntp beat ya' to the punch on these ones.

    In any case, nice ascenders 👍

  • still use them..Is that bad?

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