FitzRoy Loomes - Trip Report- Ancient History

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    Back at the schrund after the jet stream bivy

  • @Scole

    Happy campers to have "survived" that adventure, eh? Have mercy!!

    I was once in winds so strong that they picked me up off the ground. Still youngsters at the time. Pretty scary. At first. Then, naively, we wanted to turn it into a game! Were nowhere near jet stream velocity though.

    Great stuff! Borrowing from B.B. King & Heavy D; Keep It Coming 👍

  • My favorite cartoon as a kid was Tudor Turtle. Tudor had a wizard friend, and whenever he wanted to do something cool, like be a knight, the wizard would zap him there. Every time, when things started to get real, like the Black Knight was about to kill him, he would shout "Help mister wizard" and the wizard would zap him home at the last instant. Superalpine climbing is like that! It get real fast, but there is no wizard to help when you need one. You got yourself into this shit, now it time to get yourself out.

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  • @Scole what a great read TFPU

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    The French guys in Rio Blanco

  • Scole,
    Thanks so much for that. The photo of the clouds pouring over the ridge and down the face is one of the best photos ever. I was in some kind of purity + no camera phase (too much reading about Pratt) when a friend an I trecked through there and made it to the Rio Blanco camp (judging by photos) then over to a moraine camp with a full view of Fitzroy. That was in '82? Your photos once again reminded me of the folly of my ways, but I just didn't want to lug a full SLR through all of South America. We did get some photos from the Tierra del Fuego leg of that trip, that I think I've scanned.

  • Great story telling Scole

  • Like the pics. Kinda capture the moment. TFPU!