• This forum features a "tag" system. As the forum grows, searching through the many posts will be a little more difficult. So, the OP can set a tag, or tags for a given post. Tags are typically short and sweet "noun words", descriptive of post content. On the bottom as you're creating a topic, you type your tag name and then press enter; adding as many as you need.

    You can search for tags from the menu, under the aptly named "tags", and either select one from the available cloud tag, or even search for one specifically.

    Please use all lowercase when creating new tags. While posts display tags in all uppercase, our database is case sensitive (as it should be) and sees them as different "words". Potential for some confusion there. Solution is to keep it simple and use all lowercase. Also easier to type. No "Shift" key required 😉

    Please also endeavor to use "umbrella" words when creating new tags so they may be potentially useful for other community members.


  • define tag please

    this sounds just as cryptic as the photo instructions

  • Sorry about that. A tag is basically identical to a hashtag. A single word, or set of words that describes what the post is about, for example the tags on this very post are Help Faq and Guide. These can be searched for, on the tags page by name, to help you find what you're interested in as the site grows.

  • Well thats a little better.

    I'm not finding this site user friendly at all.

    When I ask for instructions I get jargon appropriate for somebody who requires no instructions.

    I can't figure out how click on the start of a thread.

    I can't figure out how to edit a post.

    Half the tabs are unexplained mysteries to me.

    unread? not watching? popular? groups?

  • For sure. We do have a FAQ post outlining how to do most common things. As far as what each tab does, "Unread" are forum posts that you haven't clicked on before; "Not Watching" ones are the forum posts you've selected "Not Watching" on, Popular are the forum posts that have had the most recent activity, and Groups I don't know about, I'll have to research them further.

  • I find myself familiar enough with a bunch of different forums that I can navigate through this alright, but it definitely could be a little more obvious how to do some things.

    These are good points, hopefully we can improve!

  • @halfwit said in Tags:

    "Not Watching" ones are the forum posts you've selected "Not Watching" on,"


  • @Toker-V there's a menu, it shows on my screen at the very first post, and below the very last. One of the options is "Not watching", basically it means "Mute this post so I don't see it on my Unread list"

  • Nice job with the categories and tags. The only thing that threw me off a little was figuring out the default view is Unread instead of Most Recent. But it's easy enough to figure out which variant a person wants.

    Might be nice to see Unread as a checkbox that can be enabled/disabled near the top of the page, so it filters in real-time while preserving the other preferences for Most Recent, Most Popular, Categories, Tags, etc. Honestly though, it would be a low priority ask. Not sure I'd end up using it or not.

  • Also, a minor bug that could be a form of bloat/memory leak: I initially used a tag that I later removed, and it still shows up in the Tags display with a count of 0. It's unlikely that others would use this tag "coast", and it would be smarter to delete unused tags. That can help focus attention on the tags that you would encourage people to use. Also, maybe the tags can be sorted in terms of most popular tags so that when there are many, the ones people want most often will bubble to the top. Or you can make it like a tag cloud, where more popular ones get a bigger font size.

  • I really like the Unread category - probably my favorite feature of the site. Super convenient and fast.

    I'm not Not Watching any threads yet, but that's also a great idea, especially if you can still click on that category to see what you've added there. Tags are great too, especially if they can be sorted or viewed in various ways (tag cloud, etc) as nutagain suggested.

    A lot of slick features: the simul-preview box is nice, and being able to turn it off is cool.

    The other nice thing: this site is snappy! Super fast.

    In terms of UI, I am still not totally used to it: posts are separated by a very light gray line, and because the line is not super visible, it doesn't create a lot of separation between posts - maybe a little too much white space? Color is a great tool to facilitate navigation. Having each post in its own "box" (ie, the ST look) is a little more old school but it might differentiate between posts and make it a little more readable... But a lot of it is just getting used to a new look.

    Thanks for getting this up and running! Nice work, very slick. I am sure everyone is as appreciative as I am.

  • tmp.png
    To edit a post, you click on the three-dots on the bottom right of your post. It'll open up a menu like you see in the picture here, then you click 'edit'. After that, make your changes as you see fit.
    Finally, click the "Submit" button, shown here


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