Site Maintenance: 6/7 & 6/8. Or Maybe Monday?

  • Greetings All You Happy Climbers o/

    • What: Need to do some maintenance that will necessitate taking the forums offline for a bit.

    • When: Likely Saturday and/or Sunday, July 20/21, depending on my mood and what else is going on in the real. Probably sometime mid morning or mid day. Gots to have time fer' wakin' up and smellin' the coffee. Weakends are RPU's lowest traffic days so opting for then to minimize impact.

    • Why: Cuz that's just how we roll... Heh, this being a charity/hobby project I've not invested in fail overs and continuous delivery stuff so... yer' just gonna have to live life w/o it fer' a bit. Uhhh... maybe go climb something, eh? ⛰

    Should not be too offline too long. Maybe a couple hours. Maybe less. Wanted to give y'all a heads up in the event you are not out and about being fun hogs and decide to check in. So, if we're offline, no worries, eh?

    Have a groovy day 🐕

  • There's nothing to even maintain here as it is a dead sterile forum of nothing but lame dead boring post about nothing.

  • That's all fer' today folks. Hope y'all were not jonesin' too hard. Went a few minutes over my two hours estimate. Mea culpa!

    Enjoy! 🐕

  • @toby
    Caught the 'downtime; & saw 2 different versions the 1st had me wondering
    the second had a picture of a wrench & nuts with a maintenance announcement

    Suggested delicate treatment of delict Peekingdyuck

    Was told that the ancient 'Dos' programing 'code' is still sort of like a shadow allowing for old coding ways to

    Still work

    Seems I saw you found that out for your own self.

  • @The-Gnome

    The first version you saw w/the wrench was a "Maintenance Mode" warning I tossed up to remind folks we were about to go offline fer' reals. Once offline, you got nadda - site then unavailable so that would have been your web browsers default response for such.

    Heh, a bit tricky to server up a "Maintenance" warning after your server has gone offline. If we were a slick whiz bang operation sporting multiple load balanced servers I'd update one or two at a crack while the remainder continued to serve up the goods so as to keep the site available. But..... as SmoknDuck pointed out, we be small time lamers hereabouts. Hence.... ya' get what ya' get so don't throw a fit. 😉

    Party on, Wayne o/

    Edit: I don't actually know who SmoknDuck is so I should not have been presumptive. Rectified.

  • Thanks for the work. Much appreciated. Sorry that the smoking loon enjoys being a downer. I know he has an interesting side, if he is really the same person from ST, but he chooses not to share it.

  • @toby & @FritzRay who said

    Thanks for the work. Much appreciated. Sorry that the >smoking loon enjoys being a downer.
    I know he has an interesting side? . . . . . No, he ain't deep, just a Heavy !
    if he is really the same person from ST? . . . . How will we really know ?
    but he chooses not to share it; in the picture who is the guy in the yellow shirt ?

    I'll wait for more mangled Tao-ist theory of how reincarnation is supposed to evolve to be described by the searcher for karmic redemption before I believe that it is the one of impaired hearing
    (insert quote from zB
    At 1st I thought better than to make a target,
    I for sure don't need that sort of dipschitism,
    but then I thought if it is the radio installer*
    then he'll wither me anyway, just later than sooner.
    So now we can see if he is?
    and I might finally get to ask about a certain denim cut-off wearihn, soloing indigenous celly....

  • IMG_1614.JPG

    Like the raven said


  • Site Maintenance 8/10 and/or 8/11

    Same drill as up post.

    RPU may be be popping in and out a bit during testing so please don't risk posting lest you find yourself off belay. I'll post a follow up when completed.

    Have a groovy day enjoying the great outdoors! 🏖

  • Greetings All You Happy Campers o/

    Please be advised that we'll be droppin' on into "Maintenance Mode" and from there "Offline Mode" real soon now, e.g. next ten to twenty minutes so wrap thangs up if ye' be in the midst of postin' somethin' up lest it become lost in the ether.

    P.S.; Folks be crawlin' outta' the woodwork today, eh? Site maintenance as spectator sport? Heh, as mentioned, same drill as up post. Should not be offline too long.

  • Tada!! 🎉

    That's all fer' today, folks. Hope y'all were not jonesin' too hard. And maybe, just maybe... ye' went out and climbed something?

    Party on, Wayne! 🐕

  • Ah? shoot I was & went & passed some gazz at the Reject, which called in the tye-dyed`deplorable and the Wide Sxally one with gillz
    almost made it
    missed it by )__________________(~ ~ ~That Muxtch !

  • Site Maintenance 9/14 and/or 9/15

    Redpoint University Climber Forums Moving to New Home

    Yep. That be correct, folks. Our veritable cloud provider is now EOL'd after bein' out sheenaniganed and ouut hoodwinked by Samsung. Always thought selling out to the Asians was a risky move. Cunning, they be. Rumored deals to sell off the tech w/M$ Azure to follow. Uhhh.... so yeah... wtf.. Samsung wants us offa' their cloud. Maybe don't buy their 'chit that we don't really need anyways anymore while we're at it, eh??

    In any conspiracy, although it's been a damn good run we be needin' to migrate our beloved, painstakingly crafted infrastructure elsewhere.


    I'll be migratin' Redpoint University Climber Forums come this Saturday, September 14th, eh? After I've had me coffee, of course. 🐕

  • @toby Meh... just not feelin' it this weekend. Applied a few updates and calling it good. Migration postponed.

    Enjoy! o/ 🐕

  • Site Maintenance 9/16

    We're going to drop into "Maintenance Mode" in a few minutes here while I do a couple things. Should not be in maintenance mode for too long. Please stand by a minute or three and bear with us, eh? 🐕

    Alrighty, then. That was that. We now return you to your regularly scheduled refreshments.

  • Update: Busy with some other things this weekend. Might be Monday?....

    Site Maintenance - Summer Updates

    • What: Redpoint University Climber Forums will be offline. Likely be offline a couple hours or so.

    • When: 6/7 and/or 6/8 depending upon my mood, motivation, how long I spend watching the birds and other time wasters.

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