*{=~)Twisted `n Lit(~Bj*

  • @wakeandbake said

    Ain't me babe.
    I think HB might have been channelling Roland Paulick of RP fame who used a similar slogan and rolled his rigs out late 70's

    It was an ever so subtle change to the RP that brought about a huge gain;
    IMG_3863 (2)_650x766.JPG
    three sides all the same; top, bottom & back
    The two faces shaved! . . . . off-sets
    & the way that they set in pin scars

    IMG_3864 (2)_700x690.JPG
    I owe my life to a #3 HB off-set .

    Switching it up-@=;(~)
    As well & good as climbing in California was for me
    It was the Promised land - no doubt
    Then also
    Summer Shows were an integral part
    The Eel River Jerry Shows '87-'91
    Jerry Garcia Band - August 29, 1987 - French's Camp - Garberville, California

    Blue Grass festivals; fast fingers, pickin', fiddlin `n grinnin'
    The Tuttles, 'Mo', Sully, Michael & Aj Lee have been playin' together since they were 10-year old kids
    Here with an amazing group of kids -
    Including Sarah Jarosz,(of Prarie Home Companion & the band, I'm With Her)
    As well as Ruby Jane Smith playin the 'under-chin guitar(violin)
    & Sierra Hull with savant-like, Mando playing , just to name a few
    Wayfaring Stranger
    That gives me
    Pins & Needles
    & it is not just the girls
    They are all spectacularly talented, heavily trained & have been playin' 'Out' for over a decade
    Tell It to Me
    You can hear it in 'Dylan' covers
    they take practice & talent
    It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry
    Really this is as good as you will ever see it done
    The original appeared on the 1965 Bob Dylan album Highway 61 Revisited
    "From A Buick 6,"

    A code I'd moved to drafts with no attribution as to what it was of
    or where had I planned to place it?
    Was it @FritzRay'sThe Ying-Yang thread? From the looks of it
    a version must already reside at the Faces in nature page.

    IMG_3328 (4).JPG
    was it just me that enjoyed having a photo gallery?

  • @The-Gnome said in *{=~)Twisted `n Lit(~Bj*:

    three sides all the same; top, bottom & back
    The two faces shaved! . . . . off-sets
    & the way that they set in pin scars

    Yes for pin scars they are the ticket, maybe its just habbit but i find i can wiggle an RP into more placements than an HB. Could be the nature of the granite beast though?

  • @The-Gnome

    Ye' think ye' be missing some photo gallery action, eh?

    Uhhh... RPU is presently hosting over 1K photos scattered about various nooks and crannies.... 📷 ⛰ 🐈 🌆 🐕 🍰 🥘 🎨

  • @toby
    I notice that some platforms have a dedicated 'Photo Gallery"
    a thread that just collects photos, that can then be checked separately, linking to the post....

    Daisy, a wonderful dog20141116_3236_747x803.jpg

    @wakeandbake ~, In those sizes, I carried all sorts of types, Anchors were rounded on all but one facet
    & other types of steel, brass & aluminum
    that I often "nested" one on top of another.

  • @The-Gnome No need to duplicate several other gallery sites. Kind of a waste of bandwidth and storage resources for a small time operator climbing site, don't you agree?

    I guess I could pull a fast one and amend the terms of service such that y'all retain copyright but grant me the right to use and sell so I could then rip ya' off and parlay RPU into the next Getty Images? Now where's my business planner? Get a team of legal eagles to draw up some fine print. Now that's entrepreneurial. And y'all thought I was some kind of hippie,eh? Viva the American Dream, Baby!!

    Hmmm... Gonna also need some VC capital to fund the servers, storage, bandwidth and hip, cool Silicon Valley orifices. Oh wait, the VC's would just squeeze me out of the deal, take over everything and I'd be screwed, blued, and tattooed. Never mind.


  • @toby,
    My thoughts on "missing the Gallery feature?" at 1st I didn't notice it at all.
    Then, (after joining the Darkside) I realized that we don't have a gallery.

    I really only just noticed it when I couldn't find a picture.
    I thought that I had added it here,
    but it seems I took it down.
    I find that it is all the more fun to look around to see what everyone is sharing,

  • @zBrown
    Twisted & Lit, .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... ... ... .. _ _ _ _ _ That is a Light fixture .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. in the corner of the picture >
    BobBoyleSHiSchL1st Door_ 79.jpg
    (Above; Original Black & White Picture; Posted "Full Size")


    Surfer, Pro-Skater (Logan EarthSki'78) Bob Boyle running under yours-truly - 17' up the corner, outside "The 1st door "Buzz Hill" Summit High School 1979.

    Literature but not Gaspull,

    Last Takeoff from the Moon - Apollo 17's Lunar Module blastoff !
    department of disinformation & injustice has 2 good lights

    Johnathan Nabut, "Photo Opportunity Wall" The Blue Gus Chimney, Green Pond NJ. 1982
    Johnathan Nabitt BGC,GrnPnd-82.jpg

    The Gang at the base of "Green Dragon" Glacier Point Apron, Center of the Universe '86(
    Yosemite-The Gang-3-FB-BryKay459x422.jpg

    The Gnome

    P6260011 -1 -780x780.jpg

    October 14, 1980
    Warfield Theatre - San Francisco, CA
    With out Love In The Dream, It Will Never Come True
    Recording Info:
    SBD ... Master Reel (10in 15ips 1/2 trk) ... Reel ... DAT (Panasonic SV-3800/48k)
    All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller
    January 12, 2017' ;
    Not da Full show-- Missing the Acoustic Set

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