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  • HEY NOW !

    This is where to go with everything else . . .

    "All The Other Schist"

    A place to put stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else

    As gifted as they come, the way they play "Pins & Needles" will give you goose bumps & "If That Don't Make You Want To Go"
    Then this (~)}= Standing On The Moon Won't be your cup-a-joe Either.

    Still I hope you will stay & add something

    I played with various names;
    I came really close to;
    "Ashes" or "Burnt Tips"

    Adding a "The" seemed redundant

    "The Blown Toez" ?

    Toasted Toes

    I Almost went with
    "The All In Thread"

    ~ I've got a cluttered mind~I've got a cluttered desk,

    • Here at Redpoint Univesity,
      I think we need a "Catch-All Thread"

    Think of this as that;

    "The Change jar" just stick stuff in.

    ` come take something out when ya need to

    IMG_3067 (2).JPG
    By way of a 9 minute introduction
    Aldous Huxley (1958)Published on Jul 7, 2019

    There is a 2 part interview/lecture that may or may not be
    be Alan Watts interviewing Huxley, dry & hard to get thru both
    they are worthy

    No Confusion the near 50 minute interview
    Mike Wallace Interviews Aldous Huxley

    Don't even try to blame
    what-not on Obama
    when Its Jerry's Kids
    who are to blame
    for sure !

    Something Old
    Grateful Dead Orpheum Theatre San Fransisco7/12/1976, Sound Check & both sets,

    Something New
    “Spanish Moon”, Gov’t Mule @ Sprint Pavilion 7/10/19

    Something Borrowed
    You Can't Always Get What You Want w/ Tedeschi Trucks Band (04.23.16, Birmingham, AL)

    Something Blue
    Freddie King - Ain't No Sunshine, From The Dvd Live In Europe, published Jan 15, 2011

  • 5-years before and as good as Pins & Needles

    & Totally
    (_ -)*( _-)
    ready set go
    Samantha Fish • Chills & Fever • NJ 6/18/19

    Same old place
    Same old song and dance
    Don't Shake it On Down
    A song I used to sing
    A dance I used to swing
    Be Careful What You Wish For

    • More than just one dance. There are two 'best ways' through & a few ways to do the do, to the wild finish.
      It should be immediately clear to an experienced observer; there is still no chalk.

    From The Dallas International Guitar Festival, May 3-4-5, 2019

    "Siftin' Thru Ashes-Matt Schofield-pub7/10/19

  • IMG_6465 (2)_740x374.JPG
    IMG_6464 (2)_744x375.JPG `

    Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Karn Evil 9 - 1st Impression - Part 2


    Welcome back, my friends

    To the show that never ends,

    never ends, never ends

    We're so glad you could attend
    (do you imbibe? do imbibe)

    Come inside! Come inside

    There behind a glass

    Stands a real blade of grass

    Be careful as you pass

    Move along! Move along

    Come inside, the show's about to start

    Guaranteed to blow your head apart

    Rest assured you'll get your money's worth

    The greatest show in Heaven, Hell, or Earth

    You've got to see the show, it's a dynamo

    You've got to see the show, it's rock and roll

    Right before your eyes

    We'll pull laughter from the skies

    And he laughs until he cries

    Then he dies, then he dies

    You've got to see the show, it's a dynamo

    You've got to see the show, it's rock and roll

    Soon the Gypsy Queen

    In a glaze of Vaseline

    Will perform on guillotine

    What a scene! What a scene

    Next upon the stand

    Will you please extend a hand

    To Alexander's Ragtime Band

    Dixieland, Dixieland

    Roll up! Roll up! Roll up

    See the show

    Performing on a stool

    We've a sight to make you drool

    Seven virgins and a mule

    Keep it cool. Keep it cool

    We would like it to be known

    The exhibits that were shown

    Were exclusively our own

    All our own. All our own

    Come and see the show

    Come and see the show

    Come and see the show

    See the show

    See the show

    Kieth Emerson, 71, Victim of the Internet
    Born: November 2, 1944, Todmorden, United Kingdom
    Died: March 11, 2016, Santa Monica, CA


    Greg Lake, 69, Cancer

    Born: November 10, 1947, Poole, United Kingdom
    Died: December 7, 2016, London, United Kingdom

    Carl Palmer, Born: March 20, 1950, 69

    The Chilean marble caves are a unique place in southern Chile in Latin America. The Marble rock formations; "the Cathedral" are stunning features that are in the General Carrera Lake near Argentina. These marble caves also known as "Capilla de Marmol", which is Spanish for marble cathedral are located at the center of the lake. An island-like setting The Marble Caves, Marble Chapel, and Marble Cathedral are an unusual geological formation. They represent a group of caverns, columns, and tunnels formed in monoliths of marble. The marble caves have been formed by wave action over the last 6,200 years.

    "The Cathedral", Marble Caves, Chile Chillco, Puerto Rio Tranquilo, Largo General Carrera

    • Sørvágsvatn - With an optical illusion along the cliffs, that at times, makes this lake appear as though it is suspended above the ocean, is the largest lake in the Faroe Islands.
      Sørvágsvatn has a waterfall named Bøsdalafossur, which crashes 30 metres down a cliff directly into the Atlantic Ocean.

    Sørvágsvatn Lake and Bøsdalafossur Waterfall in the Faroe Islands - Aerial Tour

    It was something @toby's said on the "Introduction" thread that prompted the spinning music wheel of the time machine.
    As it turns out the strains of "Brain Salad Surgery" & ELP spaned my yoot, and so, most others here too,
    It was 1973 * head-phones! Sounds wooshing across the synapses. The back & forth of it!
    All at once there Woo-who It hit me like purple window pane: there was more to this music thing than poetry & feedback.

    • If the thunder don't getcha

    • The lightning will !

    I know, you might think it fits, but not the link is not grateful
    It is 2 quick minutes ~ she shows No range, still, Considering, what they try to pass off as talent these daze ?
    Feel The Heat

  • @The-Gnome Stole my thunder!!

    Heh, and yeah, I so still have the album.

    Just need to get me, a lil' Brain Salad Surgery....

  • It is hard to let go of stuff

    I keep trying to re-arrange and re-distribute it

    If I find a solution I will let y'all know

    I have outlived

    And all the other five of my nuclear family

    Still got 18 years to do to catch my mom age_wise

    And I have an awful lot of all five of them' stuff

  • YUP I;m one of those

    under the most determined efforts to convince the public at large that a man has landed on, walked on and returned from the moon.

    I ask one question do you really trust Werhner Von Braun?

    A Time article, may have drawn a Copywrite infringement*?


    so put the above and below into one line of text, highlight & search




    All Thanx To Wernher von Braun




    The great satirical song-writer Tom Lehrer, & his song )

    Why is the proof, from back in the day of the event to yesterday, so suspect?

    Why has no one else ever repeated the same feat?

    Why has the old Soviet Union or the new Russia or the new Chineses not focused on any manned space flight?

    and for the sin of the lie perpetrated on us all for 50 years we have only to look at who is calling for manned space flight again:
    the great master pussy-grabber sexual predator-excuser, treasonous liar criminal and thief

    • what dirtump is...I don't use the 'N' word or know how to spell it, take your pick

  • Of course, my first rule is: not to argue with someone who is not playing by the same rules.

    I think we landed on the moon back in 1969, but I'm an establishment tool, ------except when I'm not.

    And I'm not posting any more history on the subject.

    Argue on!

  • @FritzRay

    Of course, my first rule is: not to argue with someone who is not playing by the same rules.

    I think we landed on the moon back in 1969, but I'm an establishment tool, ------except when I'm not.

    And I'm not posting any more history on the subject.

    Argue on!

    Glad to

    (See Link in the previous post)

    Tuesday, Mar. 26, 2002
    The Rocket Man's Dark Side
    By Leon Jaroff

    "Don't say he's hypocritical, But rather that he's apolitical. "

    "Once the rockets are up, who cares where they come down?
    That's not my department,"

    says Wernher von Braun.

    Beyond the obvious;
    The tin cans in space, not even doublewides, that is what is called our "space-station"

    there is no other proof of man's ability to travel in space; where is the promised
    rotating doughnut-shaped space station?

    What could have been the reason for the containment of the press at the time?
    Kept 3 miles away from the launch for their "safety"

    oh, yes of course if it had been a fake our enemies would have shown it to be.... ?

    unless it was the greatest way to perpetrate a scheme of international Graft on a massive scale.
    The -'they'- that is the "Military-Industrial Complex", Saw the "Space Race" as the new world war(s) giving a near-constant source of made to order revenue flow....

    oh, Ive just discovered that none of my links work on my post on this same beam, on a different forum.
    So I'll have to go deal with that, do some 'house-keeping or delete those links
    I'll try to search my 'history' from last night to retrieve some of the articles
    that work to show how doubtfull the ability to achieve more than the moon landing is....
    The case for the landing on the moon by subsequent attempts after Appollo 11 is harder to dis-prove

    (Edit 12 hrs later)must I?
    The son of wwII refugee-scientists, who were a part of the ongoing research at "Rad Labs" around the country -
    places like Los Alamos, White Sands, Lawrence Livermore & others.
    Eventually rising to top security levels at Bell Labs.
    I was the direct beneficiary of the great developments brought about due to the space race.
    (more food, shelter & education than advances in everything including plastics; gels/veneers~ but that too)
    I am the product of the enlightened thinking ~ that recognizes what matters is the "greater good' over the actual truth.
    The fact that no other industrialized society has pursued manned space exploration in the same scandalously over-run budgets/graft infused way,
    points to my reasonable conclusion.

    more words ?

    Flat Earth, what is that?
    Past the patch dwellers insult
    that goes with cheap swill

  • @The-Gnome

    Do you do the flat earth thing too??

  • This Gnome fellow may not do flat earth, but I won't have whatever he's having.

  • Fake Wake with Hate switch strains

    I have no reason to hate anyone

    even than though yooz made that mistake

    If I could I would and I did for 40 years son

    I've got one and a daughter too

    No simpleton, like yooz. Why have you

    bothered to register an opinion ?

    I don't care that you don't care to share in any of what I'm having

    You aren't worthy of having any of what I'm having.

    I'm having none of it ~ A veritable dearth of all things

    Though I am Glad to gain any views that even negative input might bring

    I've been around this same toilet bowl before

    filled with words of peevish discontent

    That fall short `nd get flushed away with mockery

    They do allow me to exercise my word-play

    and so wipe clean the entrance of the sphincter

    Some knowz I have a verbose way of saying to

    Gedda`da Phuza Oot Yooz Wieze of Ooz,

    Why The Figure 8 device fell out of favor.

    I think that it is debatable whether this event can be blamed on cross-loading or not.

    As in so many cases, multiple things combined to create a 'perfect storm'.
    It is a failure, where many parts tragically combined leading to a fatality.


    An unfortunate fatality from a stupid sport rappelling incident that led to a lawsuit against, HB (Hugh Banner Climbing)
    & REI(Recreational Equipment Inc)
    for not having included a warning that the weakest point of the locking 'biner was at the opening. Failing (to inward pressure) at substantially lower force load levels than anywhere else on the carabiner.
    The lawsuit was apparently settled with no award for punitive damages.

    The specific facts included that during an improperly rigged face-first descent; "Aussie" style,

    The figure-8 rappel device, rigged so that the rope did not pass around the 8,
    instead was rigged in "sport mode".

    So was able to move into a position where it may have levered against the locking sleeve, breaking it & opening the gate.

    This point of failure while clearly common sense was shown to be so much weaker in numerous ways that the case did gain traction.

    The main take away from the story:
    don't sport rappel,
    don't 'Aussie rap',
    & if you do 'Aussie' or 'Assault' rap with a fig8 & 'biner
    do not use an improperly rigged fig8 in sport mode
    (rope through 'biner, not around the '8' device)
    so decreasing friction to increase speed while sport rappelling,
    and do not sport rappel without redundancy !
    or maybe one of these

    An example of a beefed-up, 'Auto-lockin' (self-locking) gate sleeve.
    IMG_5649 (2)_670x502.JPG

    At first, to try to keep the fig8 device relevant, smaller holes &
    additions of a nylon 'plug' to hold the locking'biner in-place
    were added to a short-lived next generation of fig8's.
    Allowing some companies to sell off their stockpiles of the device.

    This incident and the lawsuit it generated,
    along with the propensity of the fig8 to twist the cord,
    where the main factors leading to the near-complete abandonment
    of the use of figure-8 devices in rock climbing.
    This lawsuit may have contributed to the demise of HB.

  • Gnome person,
    The first part of your response is not one I would expect to hear around a climbers campfire, digital or otherwise, clearly I should refrain from teasing you?
    Interesting second part to your post though, I met HB when he and party were retreating off the Salathe, nice guy who gave us some water.

  • @wakeandbake said in *{=~)Twisted'n`Lit(~Bj*:
    Teasing is best served with sugar =7 up votes!
    the down vote is never welcome
    others won't - I would not - but yooz did?

    Interesting second part to your post though, I met HB when he and party were retreating off the Salathe, nice guy who gave us some water.

    Wow, meeting "The Engineer"
    That must have been excellent.
    HB was a guiding light in the limitations of small "Jingus-ness"
    & Thanx-be I was able to lead some serious & otherwise unprotectable things
    following his well & true philosophy: "Place our Brass & Save your ass"

    Terrapin Station - 7/22/84 Ventura
    & Ventura 3 years in a row
    7-13-85 Ventura County Fairgrounds Ventura CA

  • @The-Gnome said in *{=~)Twisted'n`Lit(~Bj*:

    teasing is best served with sugar =7 up votes!
    the down vote is never welcome
    others won't - I would not - but yooz did?

    Ain't me babe.
    I think HB might have been channelling Roland Paulick of RP fame who used a similar slogan and rolled his rigs out late 70's

  • @wakeandbake said

    Ain't me babe.
    I think HB might have been channelling Roland Paulick of RP fame who used a similar slogan and rolled his rigs out late 70's

    It was an ever so subtle change to the RP that brought about a huge gain;
    IMG_3863 (2)_650x766.JPG
    three sides all the same; top, bottom & back
    The two faces shaved! . . . . off-sets
    & the way that they set in pin scars

    IMG_3864 (2)_700x690.JPG
    I owe my life to a #3 HB off-set .

    Switching it up-@=;(~)
    As well & good as climbing in California was for me
    It was the Promised land - no doubt
    Then also
    Summer Shows were an integral part
    The Eel River Jerry Shows '87-'91
    Jerry Garcia Band - August 29, 1987 - French's Camp - Garberville, California

    Blue Grass festivals; fast fingers, pickin', fiddlin `n grinnin'
    The Tuttles, 'Mo', Sully, Michael & Aj Lee have been playin' together since they were 10-year old kids
    Here with an amazing group of kids -
    Including Sarah Jarosz,(of Prarie Home Companion & the band, I'm With Her)
    As well as Ruby Jane Smith playin the 'under-chin guitar(violin)
    & Sierra Hull with savant-like, Mando playing , just to name a few
    Wayfaring Stranger
    That gives me
    Pins & Needles
    & it is not just the girls
    They are all spectacularly talented, heavily trained & have been playin' 'Out' for over a decade
    Tell It to Me
    You can hear it in 'Dylan' covers
    they take practice & talent
    It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry
    Really this is as good as you will ever see it done
    The original appeared on the 1965 Bob Dylan album Highway 61 Revisited
    "From A Buick 6,"

    A code I'd moved to drafts with no attribution as to what it was of
    or where had I planned to place it?
    Was it @FritzRay'sThe Ying-Yang thread? From the looks of it
    a version must already reside at the Faces in nature page.

    IMG_3328 (4).JPG
    was it just me that enjoyed having a photo gallery?

  • @The-Gnome said in *{=~)Twisted `n Lit(~Bj*:

    three sides all the same; top, bottom & back
    The two faces shaved! . . . . off-sets
    & the way that they set in pin scars

    Yes for pin scars they are the ticket, maybe its just habbit but i find i can wiggle an RP into more placements than an HB. Could be the nature of the granite beast though?

  • @The-Gnome

    Ye' think ye' be missing some photo gallery action, eh?

    Uhhh... RPU is presently hosting over 1K photos scattered about various nooks and crannies.... 📷 ⛰ 🐈 🌆 🐕 🍰 🥘 🎨

  • @toby
    I notice that some platforms have a dedicated 'Photo Gallery"
    a thread that just collects photos, that can then be checked separately, linking to the post....

    Daisy, a wonderful dog20141116_3236_747x803.jpg

    @wakeandbake ~, In those sizes, I carried all sorts of types, Anchors were rounded on all but one facet
    & other types of steel, brass & aluminum
    that I often "nested" one on top of another.

  • @The-Gnome No need to duplicate several other gallery sites. Kind of a waste of bandwidth and storage resources for a small time operator climbing site, don't you agree?

    I guess I could pull a fast one and amend the terms of service such that y'all retain copyright but grant me the right to use and sell so I could then rip ya' off and parlay RPU into the next Getty Images? Now where's my business planner? Get a team of legal eagles to draw up some fine print. Now that's entrepreneurial. And y'all thought I was some kind of hippie,eh? Viva the American Dream, Baby!!

    Hmmm... Gonna also need some VC capital to fund the servers, storage, bandwidth and hip, cool Silicon Valley orifices. Oh wait, the VC's would just squeeze me out of the deal, take over everything and I'd be screwed, blued, and tattooed. Never mind.


  • @toby,
    My thoughts on "missing the Gallery feature?" at 1st I didn't notice it at all.
    Then, (after joining the Darkside) I realized that we don't have a gallery.

    I really only just noticed it when I couldn't find a picture.
    I thought that I had added it here,
    but it seems I took it down.
    I find that it is all the more fun to look around to see what everyone is sharing,

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