• A Real Head Scratcher

    Uhh... btw, anyone see what happened to my hair?


    Groovin' On a Sunday Afternoon...


    Scopin' Out the Break...


    Ya' Surf What Ya' Got....


    Let's Try Droppin' In...


    Trundled Outta There...


    Paddlin' Upstream...

    More aerobic fun than a treadmill, eh?


    River Surfing

    Yep, it's a thing. I understand some guy has a bunch of vids out there surfing the Middle Fork of the Payette. Like, Class IV/V Jacobs Ladder stuff. Yikes!



    Maybe a bit lame break by Cali standards but somebody is havin' a good time. Harder than it looks. Getting up on a surf board, as opposed to boogie board, poses a unique challenge. This guy is actually a pretty accomplished surfer and has been filmed by Surfer Magazine shreddin' big storm stuff off the Oregon Coast. Also been trundled hard enough to snap his board in half. Last known whereabouts: Shreddin' it up in Costa Rica.

    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...



    Peace ✌

  • Looks good
    I like the toes over the nose

    But puleeze no sponges

    And if you do not live here

    Do not come here

  • Some More Tom Stuff 🏄

    Diaries of an Oregon Surfer 1

    btw, that board is no more....

    Secret Surf Spot

    Mellow, chillaxin' stuff after weeks of big waves.

    Enjoy! 🐕

  • So how many surfers are there in the U.S. with a net worth of $1.5M (which puts them in the 95th percentile of net worth rankings)?

    I do not know the answer.

    But, BTW, check out the water depth at 2:42 in the video upstairs.

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