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  • Anyone on here gonna be at Wintergrass in 2020? I'll definitely be there. Also, hoping to attend Nimble Fingers in Sorrento, BC next summer.
    Here's the link to Nimble Fingers:

    NimbleFingers Bluegrass and Old-Time Music Workshops and Festival

  • Wintergrass - Bluegrass Without Borders Music Festival

    Tickets and Info: Wintergrass 2020 Music Festival

  • Thanks for the link, toby.

    For the last couple of years, I've been going without buying a ticket. I found that I don't attend the shows much, since what I'm 90% there to do is jam in the hallways and lobbies. And the jamming is fantastic! I still patronize the vendors, buy a hotel room (if one's available), and eat at their restaurants, but the ticket for shows wasn't making much sense for me.

  • @Moose Good to know! Makes sense. 👍

  • came across this old time jam in a Cabot VT hardware store. ufourtunatly very set in their Old Time ways zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz but certainly a cool room... stayed in d for at least an hour and didn't even play a waltz... Up tight and non sociable. whatever...


  • That's a bummer that they were non-sociable, NickG. I've seen that in several jams. My mission in the Seattle jam scene (just got back from one about 10 minutes ago, in fact) is to make them super-hospitable environments. I'm committed to greeting everyone by name (I'm not the host), and introducing myself to anyone who seems new--then casually introducing the others in the jam to that new person. It's actually having an effect.

    Sometimes, I hear people say, "Well, most of the people here are just introverted." I'm a little done with introversion being an excuse for not even having the simplest of courtesies to look to the side, make eye contact, and say "Hi." They don't have to go on and on and share their life story, but at a bare minimum, they can do that.

    The way I see it, anyone coming to a jam is taking a social chance. And when a group basically ignores them, it sends the message: "See? You were right to be nervous. Don't make that mistake again." So I'm on a mission.

  • I jam a lot and have hosted . Our regular Friday night gig we always introduce ourselfs and welcome newcomers. these folks didn't even make eye contact. The best player in the room was super friendly fiddle player that we knew from other jams and he filled us in that they won't play anything in a minor key so don't even try.. he was also the only one to play when Isa and I did take the ribbon from your hair... Oh well I guess they simply aren't good enough players to play along to a country standard that's outside of their box... .. God forbid they ever encounter a Jazz player.... Playing with them was like trying to have a simple conservation with trumpers..

  • It's the "no eye contact" thing that can be so off-putting. There's a local guy here who plays dobro really well, and with whom I've been in dozens of jams. He wouldn't know my name if you paid him, and literally never gives me more than a second of eye contact--never acknowledging that I'm even there. And I'm a pretty outgoing, friendly person. So weird.

    Come on out to Seattle! I'll welcome you both, and play along with whatever tunes are floating around in your heads! 🙂

  • Gaurenteed that banjo player who looks like jabba da hutt giving me the evil eye has zero clue who bella Flec is... We mostly play folk, rock and roll, Country, Blues, bluegrass and some fiddle tunes. mostly cape Bretton style so we have enough of a repertoire to fit in most places but I was a bit supprised that these Old Time grumps couldn't play the Cape Bretton stuff because its not Old time.... The one cool fiddle player on my right so not in the picture would have ripped on anything. Possitive attitude and skill. I have played Allman Bros with professional Classical violinist who absolutely ripped and loved doing it, I have banjo friends who turn beatles tunes into bluegrass.. Music is just music. Its a conversation. I had heard about Old time having strict rules but this was my first time seeing it in action and experiencing how limited their vocabulary is......

  • @NickG said in Kick Ass Bluegrass:

    Gaurenteed that banjo player who looks like jabba da hutt giving me the evil eye has zero clue who bella Flec is

    When I first looked at that photo my reaction was "I didn't know Bernie Sanders played banjo! And why does he look so pissed?"

    And on the subject of musicians who turn music from one style to another, are you familiar with Iron Horse? Bluegrass pickers and fiddlers who... well give a listen to these:

    Or this:

  • @David-Harris He doesn't look pissed: that's the old-time resting banjo face!

  • I think he was just having a hard time drooling out of both sides of his mouth because the floor was not level...

  • @NickG Yeah, but you have to admit, it does look like Bernie Sanders who just heard something that really pissed him off.

  • When I tried to play a Quebecois tune in Em I was informed that this is a southern old time jam. I informed them that I was a Yankee and this was the North East Kingdom of VT. They had no sense of Humor about it. Take themselves quite seriously it seems...

  • .
    Kickin Grass

    Jesse Brock (mandolin) Jake Workman (lead guitar) Barry Reed* (bass) & Jesse Smathers* (rhythm guitar w/ lead vocals
    (*from The Lonesome River Band)

  • I've seen this a couple of times before, 'cuz that is some FINE jamming! Jesse Brock reminds me a lot of me on the mando (when I'm sleeping, and dreaming about what it would be like to play like Jesse Brock).

    So good!

    Here's a little "Deep End Sessions" stuff from some local Seattle guys I know...

    link text

  • Happy New Year

    Twenty Twenty,
    2020 ! ! Oof thats gonna leave a mark
    Fiddle Me this?
    I don't know what say? but it belongs here
    Fiddlers Three

    if your in a Fiddle mind
    December 22 2019 Michael Cleveland w/ William Apostol

    And I do know what to say,
    Check out the whole show
    "String The Halls"

  • I'll should try to post less BMFS. The thing is Billy is schoolin' the children!
    Air Mail Special

    Like a 1 band "Winter-Fest"!

    A double dose ~ 2 nights of jamming on the 17th & 18th of January,

    @ The Capitol Theatre - Port Chester, NY 1/18/20 - The Full Show

  • I've had so many head poundings from climbing and mountain biking that I sometimes get vertigo out of the blue. Billy Strings' head-twirling just about gives it to me, just watching...

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