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  • There is a lot of open real estate on these pages but the avatar pics are real small... the ones on the right that denote recent activity look like black dots, and I'm on a big screen. How about opening them up to like 150x150 or so?

  • @RussWalling

    Defaults were 128, previously boosted to 200 px. I just boosted to 256 px.

    Default file size was 256, wh/I just increased to 384.

    I use a decent sized, hi-res monitor as well so I hear ya. I have also been on boards that allowed excessively huge avatars as a perk to paid subscribers. Negative side effect being that long threads get way slow loading all those avatar images. As of now, these forums are pretty snappy and I'd like to keep them that way, so like all else, it comes down to a balancing act.

    Also need to be considerate of mobile and tablet users who've got far less screen real estate and bandwidth to waste d/l'ing avatar images. The user interface is "adaptive" in that it should automagically compensate for such but I don't use a smart phone, nor tablet these days so cannot test.

    In any event.... Try the new knobs and give me some feedback, eh? I'm not much of an avatar person.

  • Still pretty micro. Cant imagine how they would be on a phone or ipad mini or something. When I look over to see if something is worth reading/clicking on in the latest post sections, there is no clue to who posted it due to the pic size. There is no user name associated with side bar posting history, so it is a crap shoot on who I might be reading if I clicked on the link.

    Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 1.38.23 PM.png

    A sidebar fix would be to include the user name... if that is available as a mod to the package

  • @RussWalling

    Russ, let's let this percolate a bit so we can get input from mobile and tablet users, and then take it from there, eh?

    Thx for the image. Pic is worth thousand words when it comes to stuff like this.

  • @toby
    Roger that boss...

    To add... the pic on my screen looks 1:1 as to what I see normally

  • @RussWalling said in Avatar pics...:

    Roger that boss...

    To add... the pic on my screen looks 1:1 as to what I see normally

    Just boosted "Topic Thumbnail Size" a skosh as well. Maybe slightly better for you?

    You on a 4K or 5K monitor? I'm at 2560x1440.

    Edit: yeah, that was the knob. a bit too huge now on mobile so I'm backing off a smidge.

  • I can see the circle as being a stylistic thing, but it does waste some image real estate. The pic I used has a red handkerchief around my neck that adds to the goofiness, but it is omitted in the circular cropping. To counter the small image thing, I zoomed in on my face more.

  • The smaller avatars are intended to remove some of the distraction of large avatars, especially in one off, very short, post whore type posts. I think the UI designers were borrowing from a very popular Android email app, K-9 Mail that uses similar approach. I suppose personalization and "branding" take a hit. Works for me though.

    Wife hated it at first too. Now she loves it. On mobile it makes it easy to scoll/swipe to the alpha you're looking for real quick like. Well maybe not the exact, but close enough neighborhood. The approach shines brighter as the user list grows, so to speak.

    fwiw, she has multiple email addresses for business and personal use and likes to keep them separate to the point of using different email apps just to ensure she does not get confused during the hectic day to day. A while back she mentioned she'd like me to config K-9 for her other address. K-9 must be doing a LOT right for her to prefer it over the bundled Android app. Recommended if you are heavy email via Android person 👍

  • I'll try to put this as delicately as possible, but a significant portion of the ST Forum community doesn't seem to be especially tech-savvy, and their eyes do better with large imagery. While I see the value of a more contemporary forum format, it is probably off-putting to many who have been accustomed to something simpler and larger.

  • @apogee

    Maybe. I've increased avatar size from the defaults already. I think the display is going to vary quite a bit depending on screen resolution, platform, and the display's dpi. I don't use a 4/5K display, nor smartphone or tablet so I can only guess/hope that the adaptive UI is getting the job done reasonably well on those fronts.

    There is simply now way I can emulate ST boards, nor would I want to because, quite frankly, I found them pretty lacking. Be that as it may, I went into this well aware that I was not going to be able to please 100% of the people 100% of the time. One man’s meat is another man’s poison kind of deal. Shortly after responding to Russ's request for the increase, I had a private chat ask me to decrease them so I then split the difference. Whaddya' gonna' do, eh?

    To me, large avatars present little value, as it seems my brain associates more with nic/username rather than pic. This is the first time I've used these boards and had people bitch about it so, yeah, I kind of did chalk it up to there being a certain level of grumpiness here just because it was different and old habits have become very ingrained among some of the refugees seeking shelter here. I expected there to be some "learning curve" as folks ramped up. Great to see some quality helpers begin to step up (you know who you are - keep up the great job) who're familiar with the old crews quirks and thus able to explain "the new" even better than I.

    I have been rather generous on image size uploads, as I feel they do add value to trip reports and such. I may well end up kicking self in arse on that one cuz we had nearly 5GB outgoing just yesterday and we've barely set sail ⛵

    Edit: I just spent some time testing out various sizes. It seems the software, while accepting larger sizes I configured, still displays at the default size. I'm a bit perplexed on that one. Maybe some CSS tweaks or some such. We're in "production" mode. Time was of the essence and I don't yet have a dev/testing clone of this stuff so I'm reluctant to putz around with it too much. For now, I'd ask folks to bear with me on this one.

  • Here is the view (to scale) on an ipad mini 4 if you click on the picture. It is also setup for old people (me) with larger text than the default


  • @RussWalling

    A bit of an update on this. Increasing Avatar upload size does allow larger avatar files, which do seem to be reflected on the "Users" page. The post threads still retain the defaults. So, most likely some CSS tweak that is lower priority for me at this time.

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