2019 tour de France

  • https://www.letour.fr/en/
    What does a Froome-less tour even look like?

  • @Smokey Sweet! Thanks for that one otherwise would have been off my radar. Used to do a fair bit of crankin' before knee issues took such off the table. Still have my "vintage" Campy hung Colnago. Still enjoy ogling it and waxing nostalgic from time to time even after all these years. 👍

    Went to school in San Diego. Lots of mesa separated by ravines. Newbies love the fast downhill runs but us dopamine junkies learned to love the uphill cranks. Was working Torry Pines Hill one day when passed by another cyclist sporting a 7-11 body suit. Thought it might be fun to see how well I could keep up. Busted my ass just to the max just to decrease the rate at which he was lengthening the spread between us, hoping he might tire of that pace just enough fer' me to maybe catch a bit of slipstream. Not even close. Insult to injury, once he crested the hill he was off like something out of a sling shot. I was cranking a couple hundred miles per week at that time, working a fair bit of hills into the mix as well and thought myself to be pretty darn fit. Heh, gave me a whole new level of respect and appreciation for the rarefied air of those Class 1 riders. 🚴

    Sadly, the whole doping scene mess kind of sour me on "Le Tour". I guess unavoidable once you get big buck millions into the game. Still, ensuing performances and broken records notwithstanding, seems poor sportsmanship to me and leaves a bad taste.

    Thanks again for posting this up! 🐕

  • Nice. Ya, I'm nowhere near fit now. You have to ride A LOT to stay in good road shape.

    Froome's crash:
    https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/cycling/chris-froome-crash-latest-france-cycling-dave-brailsford-a8956411.html?amp#aoh=15623604213216&csi=1&referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s

    "The 34 year old took his hand off his handlebars to blow his nose when a gust of wind caught his front wheel and sent him careering into a wall at 54kmh (33mph) in France on Wednesday."

    The fastest I've ever gone on a bike was bombing Tioga before they opened it one year. I had a death grip, dodging boulders and gravel, so tight my arms hurt at the Mobile parking lot. No way I was going to let go for anything let alone some snot.

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