Austin Howell, Free Soloist, has died.

  • The famous 31-year-old fell to his death on June 30th when a hold broke. My sincere condolences and prayers go out to his loved ones, family and friends.

  • Blessings of condolence to all his family ~ light & love sent ~

    A true member of the modern-day tribe.
    Many were touched in some way by Austin's drive.
    An ephemeral thing in some ~
    A tangible thing we call "Stoke" always evident
    in the way Austin went about his life.
    Peace to all who grieve and wonder what if ?

    of the many jaw-dropping videos, I chose those that showcase
    The good, the Bad & the o.m.g.-ly
    I hope that they remain 'active' as a testament to his bold existence

    I had a candle lit all day yesterday
    And left heartfelt words on the appropriate thread.

    Over 2 years ago I had a few back & forths with Austin.
    It always seems like it was more substantive than it was when things turn tragic.
    From our brief interaction, I am sure that Austin was fully aware of the risks & eventuality of his fulfilling his need to climb.
    He was passionate about the cordless climbing, felt strongly about the benefits it brought to him & was accountable for his actions.


    I have been trying to put it better . . .
    Though the 1st try is often the most honest
    so I will re-post this here:

    Awe Man !Austin ! m`mahn

    That sux,
    blessings of light & love

    Candle lit, head held high

    To honor and remember

    a climber who climbed

    For the Love of Climbing

    A life lived at the edge where the real is
    a send ascend attain ascent (s){=L

    It will be a high gravity day for me.
    I'm sad to hear it

    a regular stop on my video surf,
    I always watched his videos with an open-mouth: in awe of the climbs that he sent
    Many on sight .

    Peace Out Brother


    Tangerine ~Onsight~.12a

    • _ *

    The Dirty Dozen

    This next, & the Reddit debate all led to our contact:

    Austin's comment's:
    Absolute proof that I'm too weak to sport-climb,
    because I don't have the strength to clip bolts, and I can only send on jugs!
    This is a bouldering ascent of "The Lion" 5.12b at Little River Canyon,

    and I included the wandering 5.10 down-climb for folks who wonder "how do you get down????"

    Note: at one point I mutter
    "That was dirty" as I'm nearing the top.
    The holds were clean and dirt free,
    I was just giving myself shit for the fact that I climbed a move poorly.
    I make a deliberate choice to only solo routes which are easy enough that I can screw up and still not get into trouble with old man gravity.

    The Lion (12b) after 2 previous roped ascents

    OOf, the last bit of that comment . . . Auw`Phuglit

    His was that very rare mix

    380 ft, Naked, Barefoot, Cordless, "Dopey Duck" 5.9

    • ~Nuf-said !

    He'd seen my video ~ I'm taking the Honor To re-Name this next one,


    a post from Austins mom
    113958_xl1044 (2).jpg

    • As I often do, I singed-off to Austin

    "Wishing you safe sends & safer descents"
    "More Power To you, Especially When You Need It".

    Gnome Ofthe Diabase

  • What a bummer.

  • Life, more tenuous than a yellow line on the Captain, a gift to each one of us to cherish and use in the best way we see fit.

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