1st Smiles

  • Taking that first step up - tied to a rope , (@)B+D!
    Wow! 20120518_0311_880x1173RPU.JPG

    The story with both my kids is similar, similar in that I could always count on the family to get out and climb in the local woods,
    Over time, things changed, to where now they are rarely up for a "road trip" to the Gunks.

    smiles for miles

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    Smiles for miles, the only goal for a day on the rope

    That I had spoiled them by taking them to all sorts of short fun locations; small rock heaven, as I describe it, is my own fault.

    The beautiful Rural Route 299, Rt 44/55 intersection that marks the 200-foot high white escarpment of the Gunks is at most a very short 1-hour drive from our home.
    When the kiddos were young we went almost once a month, then as they became teenagers, they found other interests, now we go once a year if that.

  • @The-Gnome You've given them a taste of something special they will never forget. Cheers to that!

  • @LynneLeicht said in 1st Smiles:

    @The-Gnome You've given them a taste of something special they will never forget. Cheers to that!

    You need to know, you bet I tried.

    Over the last 30 years, I've taken hundreds of people (with & without children) from all sorts of "walks of life" on their 1st outdoor adventures.

    I pride myself in knowing that I've given most of them the taste that ignited the "outdoor adventure" bug in them.

    With my own 2 kiddos I did my best - I found and developed an absolute Disneyland like hillside for them to grow up with.

    They spent the 1st 14 years of their lives immersed in & included in the family traditions of scrambling, skiing/sledding, climbing, camping &"Fell Walking"

    As well as the American skateboarding, bike riding, body surfing and any other type of "adrenaline producing self -powered activity I could provide.

    We even tried to do the inside things, bounce houses, plastic pulling & Go-Karting*.

    At which point & to my distress, they were old enough to beg us to stop!
    In what can only be called a karmic joke, my kids, the vessels of the gene pool of Austrian climbers from forever, do not play outside.

    This is how It is in small rock heaven.
    Inspired by books, computers & video games, writing code, building robots

    Then competing in programming challenges where
    "Lego" built "Bots" carry out a variety of tasks. . .

    I swear I prefer to watch paint dry.

    As you may have heard, never would a parent, I mean never ever,
    willingly, will a good parent admit to it all being a big mistake.
    So, me being a self-righteous "good parent" and desperately concerned with fitting in, as well as caring a lot about what other deluded souls think of me, I will not say that either.

  • OMG !

    After writing that fluff, I went to share the gist of it with the 2 most important beings in my life.
    And do know what that produced? No not tears and loving comments of gratitude.
    They nearing 6 foot tall almost 17 teen year old said
    This led to my near fainting, When I could stop crying, I asked the other tortured now bovine-like creature who bore them & shares the 1200 sqft space, was she aware of any such request? And What the Blank,?
    Well, it's Tuesday, they are Mentors/Camp Counselors at the Public Library all this week & next. You can be sure that I will be working off the spring 50 and the wife will try to lose something even if it is just her aches & pains, and we will go in the worst humid summer heat into the tick-infested woods and dispell any remaining need to find enjoyment that they imagine exists in flinging themselves against rocks

  • ^^^^^OMG!

    I'm laughing so hard, the tears are falling!

  • Looks like you have done a bit of a language tune up

    I knew you had it in ya


  • @The-Gnome

    Don't be to quick to sell your efforts short. My kids don't get out with "Daddy-O" anymore either. Like to game and such when not working. When they do, it tends to be with friends. Rest assured there will come a time when conditions are inclement and they will be some of the select few who know things like:

    • Water puddles. Don't pitch your tent in a depression.
    • Wind inevitably blows even though it may presently be calm. Secure yer' freakin' gear!
    • Critters around campgrounds are "educated". See above.
    • Wet wood is hard to start a fire with. See above.
    • They will be the "campfire masters" who can get a fire started in less than optimal conditions.
    • Among the very few able to cope with being out of cell range for more than a few hours.
    • How to ace the perfect pancake whilst cooking outdoors.

    Just a short list off the top of me 'noggin. 😉

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