Site fave icon anyone??

  • This site is not yet sporting a "fave icon". I am not a graphics person. Anyone wishing to contribute something... it'll at least decrease errors in my logs....

    Feel free to crop, edit the Redpoint Consulting Group logo, as I own that so no worries about legal issues. Maybe just the "Redpoint" portion? Or maybe just the red circle, but that gets used a LOT other places so.

  • Not sure what you mean by "fave icon". Are you looking to change the logo at the top of the page?

  • @johntp Nope. It is the little icon that gets saved/associated when bookmark a site. It often shows up in the "location bar", depending on browser. They're small so lot of sites do not bother with them. But they will show up in your e.g. "Bookmarks View".

  • Gotta admit, have no clue what you are talking about. Again, this is a format I'm not familiar with; care to elaborate? Still figuring this site out.

  • It's the little (16x16) logo on your web location bar when you click on a site...

    Usually something like RPLogo.ico and it will magically show up on the browser

  • How about the red dot with a black line drawing of a mountain peak in it?

    I can paint you one, but haven't the slightest idea how to CG one.

  • I'll do one later when I'm home if you want.

  • @halfwit Awesome!

  • Here's a first ditch effort.

    Project Capture (2).jpg

  • @halfwit Not bad! How about a little more peak?

  • Hum, this one was online and free to use, I could crop it to just the center

    take 2

    Edit: Something like this.

    Project Capture (3).jpg

  • @halfwit Can you change the white to black?

  • CC_20190530_194513.png
    lol I just used a fill... I guess I should crop out to just a circle. Later on though, dinner time.

    Edit: Cropped!

  • @halfwit I like it! Good job, hw.

  • @L-Aura --hey there, say, ... me too, i like it too... 🙂

  • What's happening with the fave icon?

    BTW I really liked the nice clean lines of your first ditch effort.

  • @L-Aura said in Site fave icon anyone??:

    What's happening with the fave icon?

    BTW I really liked the nice clean lines of your first ditch effort.

    I like that first one as well. It is not proper format for an faveicon though and I've not had time to mess with it. Thanks for the reminder.

    Edit: Done. It is just showing up as a red dot, however, and this is low priority item for me just now 😉

  • @toby The icon is showing on my home screen, but it's tiny. DuckDuckGo's is twice the size. Can you enlarge it a bit so we can at least tell it's a mountain on there?🐈

  • Seems Like some obscurity might fit? 2 Ideas; templates to work from

    ms-icon-310x310.png ms-icon-150x150.png

    Gnome Edit:
    After 17 days of laying dormant,
    I took a stab at it
    That seems to have stirred things up
    Always Glad To Have Been the Catalyst.

  • Kind of like the unobtrusive aspect of current. Subtle enough to let you know it's there without competing with the main attraction: the route at hand.

    Mobile devices also account for vast majority of website traffic in modern days so nuances get lost when shrunk down to fave icon size. I took @halfwit first effort (I liked the simplicity) and transformed it to an appropriate format without messing about with separating layers, transparency or such. To wit, if you look closely, you'll notice the red dot is bordered and back grounded by a white square. Maybe somebody with more talent and interest than I can go back to his original and do it up proper?

    I get that the one I picked (needed something and had other priorities) could be improved. For example, it is more mountaineering than rock and ice. OTOH, mountaineering is kind of the grand daddy of various specialist fun and games like rock, ice, boulder, etc. so I thought appropriate.

    Open to ideas. I'm not a graphics person. Alternatives need to be baked and ready to eat. ✌

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