• I believe the dates are Sept 24th to the 29th...
    I'm lining things up to be there, tentatively on the 24th and 25th. Should be fun!

  • Been to three of em. Good times. Usually some free goodies at registration, raffles and shows.

    Link: http://www.yosemiteclimbing.org/facelift-2019-1

  • @toby said in FACELIFT 2019:

    Not I. Too far away.

    I thought you lived in SoCal; where abouts are you from?

  • Leaving next week for Facelift. It starts on September 24, but I want to spend a little time at Tioga Pass and Tuolumne. Can't wait.

  • @LynneLeicht

    Groovy. \o/

    Be sure to take a camera and/or decent smart phone and post up lots of pics for those of us not able to attend, eh? 📷 😧

    Thanks, bunches! 🐕

  • Lynne is all about the photos.☺

  • Packing up the van. I'm stoked! Can't wait to see everyone. I will take pictures! Toby, I'll give you a call.

  • @LynneLeicht said in FACELIFT 2019:

    Packing up the van. I'm stoked! Can't wait to see everyone. I will take pictures! Toby, I'll give you a call.

    Arrggghhh!!! 🎰 ⚓ 🐋 🐡 🐙 🦑 🦈 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 💰 🗡 🏝 ⛵

  • Lynne-

    If you see Mr. Gomez, tell him I said hello.

  • @johntp Will do!

  • Hope everyone has a fun and successful Facelift!

  • @Happiegrrrl wow, happiegrrrl... i am trying to see if this place will let me start posting... i was never able to post in a row, sadly... but, your 'taco' is not being used much? and-- i am very lonely for everyone! wow, hope facelift pics, will show up, soon, too... 🙂

    i just picked this, post, for now... hope i can get time to come back and visit everyone... facebook is nice, and fast, too, and we can post a lot! i will sure hope i can get in here... love to all!!!! and, happy good morning! (miss you, too, johntp, ron, and so many more!!!

  • @neebee

    I've never had trouble posting here. Welcome!

  • @johntp thanks john! yea, it just makes me wait for 120 mins... before i can post again, 😞 when i have limited time, to jump on and off, it is very sad then, as, i can't just go through, and share with everyone... i have to be very picky and only pick one person... and then, wait and pick one other person... (i hope it changes) ... so-- this did not happen to anyone else, then, ... oh my, 😮 😞

  • @LynneLeicht ...wow, lynne... can't wait to see pics... hopes this posts! love you
    !!! (nope did not post... will be back in a little while, i will wash some dishes and then, it should let me
    through... 🙂 (worked on a doll search and just came back-- let's see if i can post now) 🙂 here goes, ... love you! have a great time!!!

  • @neebee 120 minutes between starting a new thread after making the first one? Commenting on existing threads? Not sure where your issue is but maybe send a message to @toby and ask. I can see why people would be limited to starting threads, though 2 hours between seems lengthy, bit for commenting... I can't imagine such a wait time. Going to test it....

  • @Happiegrrrl okay here I am replying immediately after a post to same thread.

    Edit: it went. Neebee I wonder if you have some kind of glitch with your computer.

  • @Happiegrrrl ... no it just says that i have to ' prove myself' by so many posts... it had always said that... and, i just could not sit here and wait... so, i bailed... in order to get the chores done and help my friends, here... i just posted... so, i am going to put the dog out back and come come in, so i can post THIS too... (somehow, someday, it is supposed to let me post, but i have no clue when) 😞 say, wow, can't wait to see all the facelift reports, >:D< this is a great event, and so many folks wait for it! (say-- i think that was supposed to 120 SECOND? -- ? ) ... i am back, let's see how this one goes... 🙂

  • @Happiegrrrl Howdy! How goes it? Thanks bunches for trying to help out, eh?

    @neebee You are perhaps in a time warp, eh? 120s != 120mins, eh? Alrighty, now that we've got that cleared up... Heh...

    So, what is with the 120s delay between posts, eh?

    • It is an anti spammer/bot measure to limit how fast a spammer/bot registration can post up bunches o' spam. New users are throttled to one post per 120s until acquiring sufficient minimal reputation w/in the RPU community.

    • If ye' not be a spammer, bot, miscreant, type we figure that sooner or later the RPU community will get around to "vetting" your "reputation". Upon which time the 120s delay magically goes away.

    • "Reputation" points result from RPU community members "upvoting" posts deemed so worthy by clicking on the little up/mnt/caret at the bottom of a post.

    Uhhh... I already grandfathered you in and gave you the first of yer' two up votes when I tried explaining this to you some months ago.... But... oh well... that was then, this is now. Now you have two.

    tl;dr-- Somebody please give @neebee her third up vote so she will no longer be throttled to one post per 120s?

    Thanks ever so much!

    Have a dandy day, eh? o/ 🐕

  • Yippie yi-yo kiyah, kiyah!!! 🎆 🐕

    @neebee She is free! Free!!! 🦋

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