Faces In Nature

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    I assume it is Rebennack under discussion, but if a rock formation in nature triggers good feelings about a music maker - seems OK to me.

    Shades of Pat Ament

  • @zBrown

    Holy, holy, guacamole! I did not "see" the face in that shot - erroneously presumed it to be a picture posting experiment. Apologies to the OP.🤦

  • @MisterE said in this a second version of his 1st version of "Faces In Nature"
    Pareidolia: Faces In Nature Thread !"
    ""Yada Yada Yada-blat"""

    Ya Gnoe Da Gnome Can and will fill two 2 too 👍
    so okay!? thems is some strange wayz to play!
    Complain that a website for & about Rock Climbing
    has no separate place to put clamberin' stuff
    then go and add 2 places for those what suffer from either;
    a form of overactive, or a regressive trait of an ''Imaginitory-mind" called; Pareidolia,
    Then hissyfit & lock down what you started
    (while saying to me "don't be that guy!") Imagine That !
    taking yer drill `n going down to the choss gorge eh?
    Erik ? I hope only good things for you.
    I hope you grasp that you guys are welcome & we want you here

    "Hey! You kid! don't be that guy & get off my lawn!"
    "Sorry MisterE!"

    IMG_3328 (4)_LI-5A.jpg

    take a breath no worries I've got other fish to fry,
    as you do too Two Faces In nature threads started by you?

  • I might have posted this o the old ST thread. Not sure. Bandelier National Monument, outside of Santa Fe.

    alt text

  • IMG_3268 (5)RPU-5.JPG

  • 👍**A'LL Synched Up ~ No Harm No Fowl ~

    • except for that Hawks-head
      What caused the duplication?
      To much of a good thing?

    This seems to fit

    • "Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner
      But he knew it wouldn't last
      Jojo left his home in Tucson, Arizona
      Bought some California grass
      Get back, get back
      Get back to where you once belonged
      Get back, get back
      Get back to where you once belonged
      Get back Jojo, go home"


    This fits too.
    I miss the Humbolt Harvest.
    Back in the previous century, I used to try to catch one a year.
    It could be argued, Seeing what I see, it is a good thing that I'm missing out . . . . . .

    There are a bunch of things going on in this next one,
    take in the whole, then look from the small "face that is the chin . . .
    (maybe the sides too?)

    "Ghoul with Smoke Coming From it's Gaping Maw"
    IMG_3267 (3).JPG
    Or if you can see it, The "Maw" looks like the black head of a snarling face,
    or 2 , One way has a slanting dark right eye, a white line, eye-brow for the other. . .
    or squished with round eyes & nose above white open-mouth lips
    that joins the nose & a cigarette dangling off left on white lips...

    @MisterE There is a place for everybody To me It all fits,
    We all hope to see you back here again soon


    IMG_3268 (4)RPu-2.JPG
    & The Head of a Turtle
    your vision may see a 'sleeping mor' -more-or-lez-, between the greenery near the bottom right corner,
    , too

  • buddhatree.jpg

    Uh...am I on the right thread?

    Is this the right photo for this thread?

    Am I just really confused?


  • Be Careful What You Wish For !
    Faces In Nature, From Small Rock Heaven

    Where you're never alone.

    Happy Solstice



    A stone that drank to much

  • Gnome, thanks for starting this again. It was one of my favorites from ST. I'm seeing a face, a head, and a poop-shoot.

    alt text

  • ~ At the top of the hillside of my dreams~

    Fuel For Thought
    SeeingP6260012 -1 -869x1030.jpg Faces
    Residing for eternity edified in rock

    The Gnome

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  • .


  • Merry Christmas & wishes for a happy healthy 2020 !


  • San Rafael Swell


  • @was-dar Whoa! Good one.

    The US desert southwest is full of those faces. Here's another, from Canyonlands NP:

    Utah desert.jpg

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