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  • more swimming in lake Caspian. This time after out first rock climb of the season.
    Isa got a decent shot of me.

  • This old car was obviously Guilty! Part of a 4-day road trip to "deepest" Nevada.


    We enjoyed ghost towns, roadside attractions, & Native American Petroglyphs of very alien looking humanoids, just east of Area 51.




  • @NickG Send Isa our congratulations!

    As a natural citizen I am oft as of late aghast at what being "American" has disintegrated to. Why would anyone want to become that? Legit question. Then you only ponder stuff like "sweating the last 5 years" on only a green card for a moment and it helps bring things back into perspective: As screwed up as we may be we're still a lot better off than a lot of places in the world. And yea, although we all know this on an intellectual level Isa's little journey keeps it real. So thanks for posting this up.

  • @FritzRay Good on ya' fer' gettin' out and about, Ray & Dorita! Never stop adventuring!

    I rolled an ankle a few days back. Seems like should not have been all that a big deal but I seem to be recouping slowly. Otherwise, it's springtime in Idaho. Leastwise at lower elevations. Need to plan some toby trippin'. ⛰

  • @NickG said in Random Photo Thread:

    Citizen. its been a terrifying 5 years haveing just a green card.

    Yeah, living in a foreign country, hoping to stay there, but with your continued presence at the whim of some bureaucrat in an office somewhere a thousand miles away, can be stressful. Even more so in a period when the country's President was virulently anti-immigrant.

    My fifteen years in the US were even more tenuous -- no green card, just a work visa that had to be renewed every three years.

    Not long after I moved to the US I met someone as a climbing partner, but whom I soon married. Which gave us rather a lot of options, given that I was Canadian, and she was Norwegian, but with about 25 years as a green card holder in the US.

    She could have gained US citizenship in just a few months (according to our immigration lawyer), and I could have followed relatively quickly. Or, I could probably have gained Norwegian citizenship if we chose to retire there. Or, she could aim for Canada.

    What to do? We both loved Seattle, but, not being billionaires, we decided it would probably be wiser to grow old in a country where growing old wasn't the road to bankruptcy.

    And, here we are in the Great Green North. (Where Mari is currently off for a few days in the Eldred River Valley with a bunch of our young climbing friends)

    I hope it works out well for you and Isa.

  • that last administration was bizzare, Isa owns two houses here in the US and has a daughter here. If you read the fine print the govt could have taken much and possibly all of her property if she passed not leaveing it for her daughter. just one of many concerns. They also could have revoked her green card at any moment on a whim. If you think that was not likly to happen in the last administration you were liveing in a dream world. Isa Applied for citizenship in june of 2020 she did not hear anything from imigration untill a few weeks after the inaguration in late january. had her test in March and swear in April 8th. the person who was sworn in right before Isa applied on Inauguration day..

  • IMG_9224.jpg dinner 😉

  • Cool hike to the northern terminus of the Long Trail.

  • @NickG What is the "Long Trail"?

  • The Long Trail runs 273 miles from Massatwoshits border through VT to the Canadian border. I hiked most of it as a teenager in two sections. I never did the last 80 miles from Smugglers Notch to Canada. I have day hiked almost al of the mountains in that last section but would not consider the trail complete unless I through hiked that section. its pretty rugged with a ton of elevation gain ands loss so likly take me at least a week?? havent made it happen. Anyways we hiked the last little bit 2.6 miles to the Canadian border sunday afternoon. then you have to turn around and hike back to the road. these shots were of the border. the sign telling you that you finished the trail is about 10ft inside the woods on the US side of the border.

  • Niece Anna and one lucky guy all gussied up for senior prom:


    Quickie candid shot:


    Beauty and brains. Next stop: United States Military Academy at Westpoint.

    The U.S. Military Academy at West Point's mission is "to educate, train, and inspire the Corps of Cadets so that each graduate is a commissioned leader of character committed to the values of Duty, Honor, Country and prepared for a career of professional excellence and service to the Nation as an officer in the United States Army."

    And yeah, we're pretty proud of her. All our love and best wishes for living an awesome life. 👍 🐕

  • new0019.JPG

  • @Scole Intriguing. Thought experiment: Presuming a human did not situate that skull thusly, I wonder what could have? Hmm.... 🤔

  • @toby The Sheepeater People marked their caves with a bighorn skull in the Wind River Mountains, There are still places where they can be found. This is modern: I found the skull deep in the heart of darkness and placed it there in memory.

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