Random Photo Thread

  • A collection of current DC significant images for & by me.


    At the Franklin Roosevelt Memorial.


    Korean War Memorial.


  • My grand nephew recently narrowly avoided a grizzly attack:

    He's the little guy in orange:

    Graham & Griz 2.jpg

  • Apologies iff'n this has been posted before:


  • Maldaly; some other Bohn pics (he does a lot of celestial photography these days):

    Dave Bohn2.jpg Dave Bohn Photo.jpg

  • My quick summary & of course my photos of 4 days in the Fredericksburg area of Virgina. Yeah, I am a history buff.

    Post Civil War monument to a Michigan's regiments bravery crossing this river under fire, at the battle of Fredericksburg, Dec. 1862.


    What most of the desperate men fighting the battle of "The Wilderness" west of Fredericksburg in May 1864 had for their fighting ground view. Confusion, bullets, & forest fires made the whole bloody 2 day fight a nightmare. And at the end of the fight, the newest Union commanding general Grant, sidestepped the Confederate army & went around it towards Richmond & the end of the war, instead of retreating to rebuild his shot-up army. President Lincoln had finally found a general who had more than one battle every 3 months in him.

    The killing ground at Grant's next battle, Spotsylvania, which turned into a 13 day struggle & was bloodier than any Civil War battle. The Union forces charged from the woods behind this sign towards the woods & Confederate trench line at top of photo & actually broke the Confederate trench line. Then 22 hours of hand to hand fighting ensued while the Confederates desperately dug a new trench line in their rear.

    At the end of 13 days of near constant fighting, Grant withdrew from the battlefield & instead of retreating north to refit, marched southeast towards Richmond, so that folks in Fredericksburg can now pay big rewards to recover their lost beagle.

  • @johntp , hey there say-- oh my..... 😮 (ooops, this comment is for the BEAR AT THE ZOO, nephew photo... i think i hit something wrong??) ...

  • hey there, say all... i have a NEW camera... and, neat, i 'caught this bird' in action...

    i AM learning... might take awile for 'actino shots' with the 'tech stuff' ...


  • @neebee said in Random Photo Thread:

    hey there, say all... i have a NEW camera... and, neat, i 'caught this bird' in action...

    i AM learning... might take awile for 'actino shots' with the 'tech stuff' ...

    Nice photo neebs; thanks for sharing.

  • hey there, say all... just a ' random' ... then, got to get to work around here... happy good eve!!!!



    hee, hee... carrot tree... (really--tiger lily, before blooms)


  • @neebee Love that "Busy Bees" shot. Nice. 📷 👍

    P.S.; Not to take anything away from Carrot Trees... 😜

  • @toby , hey there, say, toby... thanks, ... yeah, as to the bugs--two types of bees, and a fly, of all things...

    *even had a flower with one OTHER bug, too-- but not in this shot...

    it was like i was 'in on' a special meeting of some sort... (each bug, representing its 'local community' and, i was eaves dropping) hahaha, 🙂 .. (or, LEAVES dropping) or, even 'lens' dropping... 😉

  • @toby

    neebs is quite the artist. I've seen her paintings, quilts and dream catchers. Never knew she had such an eye for photography.

  • @johntp , hey there say, john... i practiced for years with camera, on my kids and scenes in south tex... but, sadly had no good camera at all...

    finally, i got a canon rebel now, with help from social security, and, a tele lens, now... so, i can put years of 'eye skills' into action now... (still learning the tech stuff) ... will put a few new happy pics, in here, soon as i can...

    i hoped so much, to do this for years... even as i finally was able to paint again... (hope this winter i can share more... i will share a photo though, of one art painting here, just a sec... (in next post) here... 🙂

    thank you, johntp!

  • IMG_1893.JPG

    IMG_1579.JPG IMG_1374.JPG

  • ZBrown! I will give you the current award for the best series of three random photos, without commentary --------so far.

  • IMG_4575.JPG



  • hey there say, zBrown and fritz... wow, love them all!!

  • Hiya fritzee and neebee!

    Speaking of non random bees


  • A couple more random climbing photos. Taken on the same day.


    Mari climbing Angel Crack.JPG

  • @David-Harris , hey there say, wow!

    (hey there to ol' zBrown too) ...

    got some more randoms, for you all, and for johntp, as to art-type photos, i hope...







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