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  • @toby Totally forgot about that one, and didn't notice it when I was looking for a food thread.
    If you think the shroom post would be more appropriate there, go ahead and move it.

  • @David-Harris Ach, no, mon! Shroooms' be just fine and dandy randomly placed here mon!

    @NickG Hard to tell if that is actual hemp or else closely resembling such? If hemp whyfore would anyone want to have male dingle berries w/zombie honey bees running amuck about, eh? Lord, have it the mercy upon our miserable souls!

  • Shrooms it is! These Amanita Muscaria photos are a little early for Halloween, but it is a mushroom favored by witches, due to its slight poisonous nature & really weird hallucinogenic effects.

    I took this photo in Sept. 1972, while climbing Mt. Baker in the Cascades.
    Amanita muscaria small Mt. Baker 1972.JPG

    The Italian Dolomites have lots of witch legends & we found lots of Amanita Muscarias last fall.
    Amanita small.JPG

    In the same woods on the witches trail, Heidi took her throne.
    Heidi small head crone.JPG

  • bees seemed pretty happy and well lit... these are just the sites you see in VT now that its legal and mostly unregulated...

  • @NickG Eh? But, but, butt... those are pollen producing male flowers that nobody wants contaminating their awesome bud grow op, eh?! Leastwise not the farmers and rancher types of which I may or may not be acquainted.....🐕

    @FritzRay Aye, ye' say yer' wife's a witch, eh?

  • Heidi is not a witch, but instead is a happy pagan, who does like Halloween.

  • I don't know anything about that kind of stuff. just took the photo because I thought rasta bees were funny. Heidi looks awesome in that Viking photo!

  • @FritzRay said in Random Photo Thread:

    Heidi is not a witch,

    I don't know man... I mean, look at that photo in your post a couple above and see the way her shoelace holes are glowing with wicked light... That ain't natural.

  • I have no idea where to post this. Here in the Random Photo thread? Well, that's where I put the first mushroom picture. The Tasty Treats thread? Maybe, cuz this is definitely about a tasty treat. Somewhere on a climbing thread? Yeah, could be, cuz we were lugging gear and hoping to rap down to some cliffs we'd seen from afar.

    Okay, we topped out above... nothing worth rapping down to. Gottta find a better spot to start from. But our other goal for the day was to see if another two days had brought up more shrooms. Preferably chanterelles or matsutake.

    And regarding that goal, we... well, it wasn't mushroom utopia, but we did come back with a few chanterelles.


    Nor did we see any ancient petroglyphs. but we did find left-behinds from a more recent age. More recent than the Anasazi, that is, but what the hell, logging is no less important than growing corn or building cliff housing, and the people who left these things behind are just as dead as the cliff dwellers of the US Southwest.

    Local history.jpg

    What was this thing? Looks like half a ton of iron, but no idea what it was.

    This, on the other hand, is fairly easy to conjure a use for...

    local history 02.jpg

  • @FritzRay Oooh, la, la!!! ⚒ 💓

  • @David-Harris Okay, okay, mmmkayyy... I shall move it the shrooms, sans hallucinogen & friends, to "Tasty Treats", eh? Alrighty then. A bit of a crux' move fer' a dog w/paws (and I need really need to get my nails clipped) splittin' off that chantrelle pic though. Maybe you could edit it out of yer' post her and give it a nice new home on Tasty Treats, eh?

    Thx bunches and rock on! 🎸

  • Would be interesting (to me anyway) to just see the photo stream with no verbiage

  • @zBrown

    The rest of us will continue to enjoy the commentary but it should not be too difficult for you to accomplish said objective. Maybe a little custom CSS style sheet action jackson for your browser of choice in which you code both text and background colors to be same? Hmmm...... Good luck. 🐕

  • IMG_2429.jpg

    My garden was pretty good this year 🙂


    it's fair time again..


  • IMG_2459.jpg

  • @toby

    I like both views

    I'm envisioning a slide show


  • Nice nickg; love the mondo suntree....

  • Ketchikan4.jpg

  • @johntp You've been to Ketchikan, eh? Pan handle is one area I missed travlin' thru. Would love to someday. Maybe I could even drop in on Ray at the SOHO Coho while I was at it, eh?

  • Brenta Dolomites 2014. Heidi discovering the joy of a vertical 5b. She got up it.


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