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    Stellar image quality there. Are you using a cell phone or dedicated SLR digital camera?

    Neither. That photo was taken 16 years ago, before I had a cell phone, and I've never owned a digital SLR. At that time I was using a Nikon Coolpix point-and-shoot as my climbing camera.

    Pretty much any cell phone you can buy now has higher resolution, and most probably have better lenses, but, for its time, the Coolpix was pretty good.

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    Sasha DiGiulian as seen on a makeup store in Rome a month ago. Must be hard to climb with all of that makeup on!

  • @Scole,
    a moist absorbing advertisement (very European)

    More Than "Just Another Pretty Face" you can join with Sasha this October for 5 days of sport clamping

    Or, as friends of mine have done for years, go on your own for 2 weeks and mingle. Sasha is a very impressive person.

    Only A Few Heard It ~ When The Hammer Came Down . . .

    The 3-mile long ridge, rising here to 300 ft tall, bullet-hard, still full of opportunities but not the middle
    IMG_2898_ 970x565.jpg
    A steep fun section, closed at the base in 2008(?) the middle of The Near Trapps. a major cliff at The Gunks NY.

    After the discovery of the multiple dubious Titles, faked claims

    & nefarious actions such as re-cut & erroneously surveyed parcels,

    that indicated a regular pattern of attempted theft of property by deception

    perpetrated by majority landowner, or their proxy,

    came to the attention of "some people's children"

    The general public & members of the proxy's club "The Mohonk Preserve"

    lost access to much of the base of what is pictured.

    A shorter walk, It was always just as much fun to rap in from the top.
    Lost World Direct. The pitch starts from a belay at the pasted flakes then moves up across the slab/face to the break 40 feet right of the bush above the smallest block.
    I know, ~what a blurry image~. There are so few pictures of me climbing


    & this was once one of the best. Water & age damage but It is a proud picture of me on a still rarely climbed line.

    It is wrong of me to say but as it is with so many areas that have had been regulated, upgraded &/or restricted by changing climbers access,
    I'm so lucky and glad that I got mine before the closures and restrictions.

  • @The-Gnome

    WTF, Gnome! You seem to have many access related issues in your neck of the woods. Maybe we need an "Access Thread"? Have you ever broached any of the issues you've alluded to with The Access Fund? Admittedly I don't know much about them other than their existence via their ubiquitous signs all over JTree but from their name, at least, it would seem stuff like this should be pretty congruent with their mission.

    And, yeah, agreed that I am also so glad that I got mine before the madness took over, e.g. City of Rocks. The "Freedom of the Hills" is naught any longer. Sad state of affairs for our children.

  • @toby said

    And, yeah, agreed that I am also so glad that I got mine before the madness took over, e.g. City of Rocks. The "Freedom of the Hills" is naught any longer. Sad state of affairs for our children.

    It was our comments about the "Improvements" At Stanley Lake . . .
    with all the comfortizing deemed necessary due to the popularity & camping regulations that help preserve the wilderness
    at the cost of & the loss of true freedom of the hills that has reached all the way to your back yard that made me think to post.

    Having a group of lawyers advocating for the Yo-Yo hoard, while at the same time harboring secret interests . . . so using climber access as the point of a spear to secure amazingly unique locations for themselves,
    well . . . You're getting to recognize the double edge of the No-Access fund. In many instances, they have saved excellent climbing opportunities.
    All while & at the same time they have been behind some land grabs that have made for some very legitimate concerns.

    If there is an up-side, It made me dig deep & I found This from 'Josh' back in '88? I think

    There were a few others that I'll have to scan.

  • @The-Gnome said in Random Photo Thread:

    I know what a blurry image. There are so few pictures of me climbing & this was once one of the best. Water & age damage but It is a proud picture of me on a still rarely climbed line.
    ![0_1566406464416_BlueGusChmny'NJ 5_700x980.jpg](Uploading 100%)

    ^^^^ Now, this image upload fail is not a glitch but rather due to the file name using a disallowed character. In this instance, please remove the apostrophe preceding the NJ, i.e. change the image file name to be more sane (cuz just because johnny come lately M$ and Apple broke the previously long standing rules w.r.t. filename conventions in the name of "convenience and ease of use" for the less than technical mass markets does not mean that the sane folks of the Unix and Linux worlds followed suit). But I digress... Enough computer lore history.....


    Don't use "special characters" that are commonly used in various programming language syntax, e.g.:

    • ~
    • !
    • ' "
    • ; :
    • [ ] { } ( )
    • .. ..\ ../ --
    • Nor various other "top row shift" chord stuff like backtics ( ` ), $, *, % and such.

    And since I am on the subject of file names.... Spaces are not indicators of the nefarious but can be generally kind of sucky too. Maybe opt for CamelCase, underscores, or hyphens instead, e.g. "my very long file name with many spaces.jpg" becomes:

    • MyVeryLongFileNameWithManySpaces.jpg
    • my_very_long_file_name_with_many_spaces.jpg
    • my-very-long-file-name-with-many-spaces.jpg

    CamelCase is popular with various programmer religions because it shortens to fewest characters. In my opinion the hyphen option results in the best "readability" and ergonomics. Exercise caution, however, to not incorporate two consecutive hyphens, as that emulates program syntax. Underscores are pretty sweet readability wise but can be difficult to discern from spaces on some displays and also require a "Shift chord" so a bit more work to type.

    Clear as mud?

    Hope this helps. Rock on o/ 🐕

  • @toby
    Doh___! Thnx ! for remedial posting instruction.

  • Losing My Mind for Chinookie!


    Happy RTT!!

    Wear 'em if ya' got 'em!

    One of my all time faves that I finally got around to replacing after gifting it's predecessor away to my nephew. Pic snapped whilst chatting with my wife last night, so nope, I am not boozin' it up this early in the day.

  • The view from Mt Tyr.jpg

  • Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch....


    And then what happened.....


    Yippie yi-yo kiyah!!

    Happy trails! 🐕

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  • Signal Versus Noise?

    Reputation = Post Count


    Hmm..... 1:1 How's that fer' signal to noise, eh? Mine is... dismal.... 1:5.... 😜

  • This afternoon.

    Flowers above the ocean.jpg

  • @David-Harris Nice plant sex organs, David!

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  • I like ancient Native American rock art better.





  • @FritzRay Those are pretty cool pictures. Special stuff.

  • @ksolem! Thank you. It's taken a lot of days & a lot of hiking to find those ancient images.


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