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  • Happy Ray Troll Thursday! \o/


    Wear 'em if ya' got 'em. Yippie yi yo kiyah! 🎉 🎊 🎆

  • Mirrors cannot be repaired

    Buy a new looking glass

    IMG_1880.JPG ****

  • Rockin' the Chacs...


    Ho Man! Chacos Gone Crazy!

    Glad I have two pair of the old skool variants. Last forever and didn't break the bank. 👍

  • And they served me as approach shoes on stuff I probably wouldn't do without a toprope belay now.

  • El Chorro

    El Chorro, Mari leading p4 of Amptrax.jpg

  • gnome, that blocky tower / arette thing you posted up thread looks really cool!

  • IMG_0702 copy.jpg

  • Heidi, fresh out of the shower with a Donini ice tool, while Mark gets the ice ready for a smashing blow, at Donini's Patagonian bivy cottage. Much needed gin & tonics soon allowed us to toast another day of cheating death in "deepest Patagonia."

    P2260047 Dorita ice axe small.jpg

  • @FritzRay Some people have all the fun ... hogs!!

    @The-Gnome Yeah, that blocky tower does look wicked. Also wickedly unforgiving of a leader fall. I'd like to see a slightly larger image of that one.

    @NickG !Aye, caramba!! Ye' needs to git ye' a good ad blocker, mon! 👍

  • @NickG & @toby
    Pudding Stone, a variation of quartzite conglomerate.
    The Blue Gus Chimney, (80 feet) "Photo Opportunity wall" follows the crack & face through every overhang.

    The picture below shows what I call The Gumby Gate; A mentally, if not actual, crux - hard start.
    (On Monday's one would go retrieve bail-gear; booty left the Gumbies, that could not get past the gate)
    In this case, the triple overhang start, of the left side Arete & inside of the Blue Gus Chimney.
    The other side of the picture is looking up the right side a crack-to-face, thru roof cap-stone, that my "Freak-Brother" looking friend is smiling on.
    He is asking How Hard? having just passed the "Gumby-Gate" a 6-inch fist crack through that overhang & blocky corner start...(old school 5.10)
    Johnathan Nabut, "Photo Opportunity Wall" The Blue Gus Chimney, Green Pond NJ. 1982
    Johnathan Nabitt BGC,GrnPnd-82.jpg
    It is a long story . . . In short
    The place has a decades-long history of climbing but was recently"declared closed" due to phone calls made by an ego-driven choss-hopper, Ken Roberts, who has been actively getting places closed to try and monopolize and then monetize the small bumps he has seen illegally beaten trails to, Claims to have - but- it is doubtful that he climbed while much of it was already climbed (decades ago) in where?

    in New Jersey.

  • The improbable, 5.8 Gunks classic "Modern Times"

  • IMG_4085-002.JPG

  • @J-Fengel Awesome shot! I used to do a lot of B&W bitd when I did my own processing. Sweet!

    @The-Gnome Uhh... yeah, some people's children... Sigh... OTOH, well, they are from New Jersey so maybe give 'em a break, eh? 😜

  • Guess where? Hmm?

    God Rock.jpg

  • Rugby Shirt. Wish they still made 'em.

    Rugby Shirt.jpg

  • If you have a vintage Colnago do not sell it! Dave Yerian used to ride one; it was a work of art. My vintage Italian Pro is a Viner Pro, all Super Record except for the Rally Derailleur and the custom triple crankset.

  • @Scole

    Alas, I was a college student replacing an SR Semi Pro that had been stolen and lacked the requisite funds to hang it with a Record Gruppo so I went with the Gran Sport. Bill Samoan, then owner of Bill's Bike Shop in Camarillo was pretty into the road racing scene and built the bike for me. Bill suggested the aluminum based Gran Sport Gruppo for my use as a more durable option compared to the more "exotic" magnesium blends used in the Record. I am not sure the titanium based Super Record stuff existed yet? Hmm....

    In any case, it's all original except for a Record brake lever, replaced by a local bike shop, raided from one of the owner's vintage bikes, when they mysteriously lost mine during a service. Also fucked up my rear cluster. Replaced it w/a flat lander road racer/criterium rig that is worthless if you ever need to climb a hill and don't have telephone poles for legs. As I am sure you are aware, SD is great hill climbing country w/all those ravines and mesas and Bill had my rig set up appropriately. Oh yeah, I put enough miles on it way bitd to "sharpen the teeth" of the first set of chainrings so replaced those on Bill's advice so as to not stretch out my chains as quickly. Chainrings were replaced w/original Campy Gran Sport stuff.

    Lesson being don't let anyone who's never touched anything other than Japanese stuff work on your vintage Italian rig even if they assure you they know what they're doing. If you don't see it hanging up on the wall... likely they don't. Speaking of which, I was once offered $3K when I took it in for service by Fairbanks, AK shop owner who had a nice vintage collection. Needed money at the time so was tempted. Now glad I did not. And lest I hijack the "Random Photo Thread"... Geronimo! Here's a pic:



    So, yeah, it's a cool thing to have. I go stare at it and wax nostalgic fer' the good ol' days from time to time. 🚴

    P.S.; As for the SR Semi Pro... I recovered it one day when I was shopping for a room to rent when, no shit, there it was, leaning up against a wall in the living room. I said; "Hey, that's my bike!" Guy showing me the room replied; "No it's not, it's my roommate's." After a bit of back and forth I was picking up their phone to call the cops and recited the serial number, which I'd memorized because it was my then ATM card's pin (yeah, they used to be much longer than four chars). He figured out I was not joking and dead serious so checked the bottom bracket and asked for a repeat. Lo and behold I was spot on! Still recall thirty plus years later: MOJ60288, or damn close. Whereupon the dude got a pretty worried look on his face and told me to "just take it". Needless to say... they didn't offer me the room. Turns out the room mate was a classmate "friend" at UCSD. I loathe thieves and damn tempted to reveal his name here but we all make mistakes so hopefully he's become a better person since those days. Thief had turned it into a "beach/boardwalk" cruiser and it was pretty thrashed. I had my Colnago by then so gave it to my bro, who got Bill's to fix 'er up. Still rides it to this day!

  • That is a beautiful ride. Hang on to it

  • I foolishly sold my Guerciotti one season when I was broke and wanted to climb every day. Then a couple of years later I inherited my Viner from a friend who died in a car crash. He was a bike mechanic, and had converted it to a touring bike with 650 b wheels, a drilled out SR crankset to accommodate a third chainring, and some Cane Creek Brakes. As another friend and former bike shop owner says "it's a Ferrari with fenders". I have a carbon fiber Trek, but it doesn't have the feel of Italian steel

  • @Scole Yeah, they do have a "feel" to 'em, don't they? Also last forever. Or damn near presuming you're not a Class 1 rider logging 500+ mile weeks. I needed to study every spare moment so only logged about half that. Less prior to midterms and finals. Bit more during summer months. Used to jump railroad tracks with the thing. Cranked Torrey Pines many times. Not the main road but the switchbacks up the back side. Also Decker and Topanga Canyons on "long day" hundred mile run loops. Santa Cruz mountains. All those great hills 'twixt the Pacific and the inland valleys. Sustained uphill cranks followed by slaloms down the backsides and some grand endorphin rushes. Rainy days would be actually depressing cuz you needed that 'fix'.

    Some great riding bitd before too crowded w/nut job drivers. Probably take your life in your hands to ride that stuff now. Was once enjoying a leisurely view run down LaJolla Hill when a Porsche honked at me from behind so I flipped him the bird, tucked and slalomed away. Much to his ego's surprise his $100K car had no chance he was cornering that tight as fast as I could. Heh. Yeah, young, fit as fuck, and w/a grand smorgasbord of awesome riding territory before the traffic turned into a nightmare.

    Awesome that you had a Geurciotti. Ann, one of my Pacific Beach house mates who did have legs like telephone poles (Taekwondo black belt/instructor) had one. Beautifully crafted. Those Italians did it all by hand brazing too - no production robotics. Sigh.. don't make 'em like they used to.

    Yeah, cycling and craggin' were my two greatest passions in this life. 🚴 ⛰

    Alas, my cycling oriented kid is into mountain biking and never even taken the Colnago for a spin. 🚵 Probably for the best the way folks drive hereabouts. Don't even pull over fer' emergency vehicles. Seriously.

    Disclaimer: If you're tempted to go jumping railroad tracks, make damn sure you've got what it takes to clear that second rail cuz if your rear tire hits it you'll be in fer' some extra bike handling excitement and maybe some nasty road rash, especially if anything less than perfectly centered/balanced. Ditto for any sand before and after the rails a fast moving train may have kicked up.

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