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    Brenta Dolomites climber's shrine in 2014. It's somewhat sobering to realize how many young men have died in the surrounding area.

    I'm not well traveled, but remember the same feeling as I wandered through the guide's cemetery in Zermatt.

    It was kinda sureal.

  • Happy RTT! 🎉

    Oh, yeah! We be Jammin' Salmon 💃 🕺 🎧 👯

    Happy RTT!.

    Wear 'em if ya' got em!

    If not go buy something and be one of the kool kids on the block, eh?

    Indeed. 👍

    Note: Artwork by Ray Troll. Used with permission cuz my camera needs some tlc. Thanks bunches SOHO Coho 😎

  • Ha ! I don't own any; (yet) so you're educating me on current fashion trends.

    I, by comparison, am responding to your Trance vibe with men of a certain age who should know better.
    (On that other wavelength, just music out everywhere, but I'll try harder )
    And On Jerry's Birthday ? tomorrow or in 10 daze I

    IMG_6235 (2)-955-749.JPG

    I had to chose which thread here or "the best Idea thread"?

  • @The-Gnome Mea Culpa! Now look what I started. We got's Bluegrass bleedin' into everywhere. Oi! So much for being "witty".

    Heh, I "win" on style points though cuz I am wearin' the shirt and it IS Ray Troll Thursday.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming, a.k.a: Party on, Wayne! 🍺

  • Troll Thursday eh! I'll play. Back about 1989, on a sales-rep visit to Bozeman MT, I took a mid-day break & wandered into a favorite hippie bookstore. They sold T-shirts too & when I saw the non-Alaska version of this one, I fell in love. One of the very, very few t-shirts I have ever actually paid for.


    Heidi & I soon figured out that if I would actually buy that t-shirt, others likely would too. We tracked down the company that distributed them & got hired as their Montana, Idaho, Wyoming representatives. I think we got paid 15% commission on sales & had exclusive rights to all Troll shirts sold in our territory. They had darn-few dealers & we did well opening new tourist & fly-fishing stores for the line. I think we made about $7,000 in commission our first year, which was a lot of money for us at the time. The next year, we had a new sales manager, who wanted us to call on drug stores & truck stops too. He fired our exclusive asses soon after & the other Alaska fish t-shirt company we found did not sell well & also didn't deliver shirts in a timely manner.

    Such is the nature of sales-repery.

  • @FritzRay

    Cool story, Fritz!

    I used to fish up in AK out on the Bering Sea. Put yer' brain in a box fer' safe keepin', drop into animal survival mode and go grindin' out 120-140 hour weeks fer' bunches o' bucks! Hope the fishin' was good, or at least good enough to fund my craggin' adventures for the next several months (if I was frugal). At that time Anchorage Airport was the only place I ever found them. Always a "fishy" theme and I appreciated both Ray's wit and the spot on accuracy and detail in representing his "fishy" subjects. Right down to the scales. Other fishermen types grooved on them as well and you'd see them around on the boats but I don't recall seeing them anywhere in the lower 48. Until... one year in Sun Valley I was surprised to find the "Non Alaska" version up post. Of course I had to buy it! Good to know I contributed to you revenues! Heh, small world, eh? In other news, looks like the non AK version of Time's Fun has made a return engagement, albeit in Navy Blue. Sigh.. I eschew infrared heat sinks during ID summers so I'd be groovin' on it more if offered in grey.

    I suppose I shall now have to tell the story behind Ray Troll Thursday, a.k.a. RTT. Like Hawaiian Shirt Friday... it's just one of those things the astute amongst us is supposed to grok. Alas... evidently we don't have many such folk hereabouts so onto the 'splainin'... 🙄

    Corp America used to be a lot more uptight w.r.t. dress codes so "Casual Friday" was actually kind of special. CA surfer and beach life influences being what they were, of course Hawaiian shirts started to be a thing among a certain set. Kind of faded away though once every day became casual day.

    So how did we get to RTT from there? Some years later I was slavin' in the cube farm fer' Big Company Dot Bomb when I became aware one of the groups I worked with did Hawaiian Shirt Friday. I only had two Hawaiian shirts and felt like I needed to mix it up a bit so started wearing Ray Troll shirts instead. A few folks got it but it didn't really catch on cuz, I mean, how ya' gonna' compete with Hawaiian Shirt Friday, eh?

    So... I started wearing 'em on Thursdays. Ray Troll Thursday sounded better and rolled off the tongue better too. Got laid off from that gig. Several years later I got a contracting gig with 'em to help 'em git' some 'chit sorted. I was both surprised and amused when I noticed a few folks I'd never ever even met doing the RTT thang! So I decided to revive it by gifting Ray Troll shirts to various folks who I thought were cool. More than a few times right off of my back! I estimate I've probably given away over fifty shirts in all. That's a fair bit of coin, however, and now that my bread and butter is outsourced to cheap labor countries I've not been able to sustain that. You may find a few lamers wearing 'em around JTree and HVC though. Maybe not cuz stuff wears out.

    Alas, too bad none of those folks have joined our little community at RPU and shared some of their craggin' lies.... errr... I mean cool stories. Heh, one can always hope we may one day be deemed worthy! ⛰

  • Nice story Toby. In a burst of senile enthusiam, I'll share my other remaining Ray Troll shirt. It's in much better condition than the Time Flies one, since I felt I should only wear this one among friends.

  • IMG_1793.JPG

    A mirror on the floor with an imperfection
    Just to the right of camera
    And the popcorn ceiling

  • jtreepictograph-2560x1440.jpg

    'Nuff said. 📷 👍

  • Seems I'm spiraling in?
    zB seeing ceiling footprints in the popcorn ?

    When ya make climbing illegal, Ya make climbers Outlaws
    I'ms be backx !

  • Good call gNome

    But the footprint is actually in the mirror

    Lower left hand corner

    Where is the asbestos

    Nowhere I hope


  • FerryAtHisBest.jpg

  • spent some time in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest the last week

    Campito - the mysterious horse that spends Spring - Fall in meadows around 11k ft for the last 20 years. Where does he come from, where does he go in winter?

    Some local bugs


  • Coming home to Bariloche Argentina after a big day on the road in 2010. The Frey group of peaks on the horizon.


    Up close at the Frey hut, which serves pizza & beer. We hiked in on a cold & blustery fall day. Of course, there is a Donini Route on the biggest & best spire.


  • The man and his mountains.

    The man and his mountains lo res.jpg

    RIP my brother.

  • @The-Gnome

    Been meaning to dig this one up for a while now. Somewhere up post you mentioned removing some white power graffiti. I was at JTree a few years back when some asshats from the inside trippin' on something psychoactive were running about all night long, playing some kind of signaling game, flashing red lights from various locations around HVC, all the while tromping thru folks' campsites like they owned the place. Totally oblivious to the "residents". My buddy went off on them after a while w/a stern reprimand. Alas,to my horror later that morning I awoke to discover this:


    Closer inspection revealed this was some kind of dye that had permeated into the rock. A couple years later I was bivvied out at the same site when I noticed one of the park volunteers working on removing it. I don't know what he used nor how they did it but he did spend the day at it and got the job done. You may want to reach out to Park Headquarters for their secret graffiti removal sauce. Suspect it involves a fair bit of elbow grease. Kudos to that volunteer!! Much appreciation for a thankless task. Indeed. 👍

  • OOh Green Dot @toby !
    I have to search through 5 thumb-drives to try to find the offensive pictures. While doing so I find others that will do
    This wall is a daily dog walk away ...

    After leaving this which says "Slantz" A second wave appeared . . .

  • I can certainly be bothered by graffiti on rocks. Here's an Idaho spin on the problem. The graffiti-covered concrete is the remains of a 1940's ore-processing mill at the Big Camas Mine about 15 miles west of Hailey. What offended me, were the piles of empty cartridges in the road I took the photo from. Some kids painted the graffiti & they or others, then shot hundreds of bullets at it. People are strange.
    20th century Camas Mine ore-mill walls with modern graffiti..jpg

  • This post is deleted!

  • @FritzRay

    Sigh... some people's children. Give gun owners in general a bad name. Popular public lands shooting site a few miles from home gets royally trashed by HS kids bonfire and after game parties. Also asshats too cheap to afford the dump. Becomes littered with old televisions, mattresses, etc. Shooters periodically organize a big dump run clean up and make an event out of it. Shudder to contemplate what it may look like otherwise.

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