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  • @zBrown
    The arachnid (tarantula?) pic reminds me of an old tune, I may have to change your handle from zb to something new.

  • @Tobia 3A968079-EF4F-431B-85E6-45A71903E217.jpeg

    Will have to sleep on it!

  • @zBrown
    Great pic, don't sleep too long, spider john.

  • Random Screenshot


    Yikes! Tuesday forecast begins with overnight low of 126 below zero to a high of 106 above!

    Climate change is really horking up the weather!! 😱

  • Holy, holy, guacamole!! 🥑 🥑 🥑

    Gas prices are advertised at a gas station Oct. 6, 2022, in Los Angeles, courtesy Associated Press.


    Sure glad I do not live in Cali! 🐕

  • @toby
    That's crazy. Gas prices here are $5.00 less a gallon, still expensive for my budget, so I increased the fuel economy of my truck by leaving it parked.
    I only fill up about every 45 days.

  • @Tobia Which state are you in? My nephew works in Mobile, AL and reports substantially lower prices there a well. If so, wft is up with Cali these days, eh? Taxes? Maybe outright gouging by local refineries? Anti Biden/Blue/Green/Whatever manipulation to sway public opinion during the run up to midterm elections? All of the above? 🤔

  • @toby
    GA. Gasoline prices are generally lower in the Deep South for a couple of reasons. One is the low average income in these states. The other, which I am not sure holds true any longer was the proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and petroleum plants in LA. Drilling in the Gulf is on a much lower scale than it was in years past, so I am not sure that plays into it at this date.
    AL gas prices are lower than those in GA, despite the fact that their fuel tax is higher, but then again GA has a more income per household and the disparity in the difference of income is growing annually.

  • Bill Frye beside the TMCC gas station. These prices seemed outrageous in 1982!
    Bill Frye TMCC.jpeg

  • @Tobia said in Random Photo Thread:

    These prices seemed outrageous in 1982!

    Indeed. But not quite as outrageous as when they first broke fifty cents per gallon?? Or a buck? I guess $1.50 was another "milestone" but less of a "shocker" by then?

    I have not looked recently but big oil comprises quite a few slots in the top ten richest companies list. All of this on public resources extracted from public lands. I am not opposed to profits but this industry has become obscene. Witness the situation in CA noted up post. So much for "we the people".

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