Random Photo Thread

  • @NickG Nice. Welcome back. I missed your photography. 📷 🏔 ⛰

  • @toby Me Too!!!!

  • thanks, Super crazy coupple of weeks. all my rigs broke at once and I had horse show photo gigs both weekends,, astro tool truck just too tired. everything done.. ranger blew the tranny in 4x4 and Sprinter water pump. the sprinter will be at least two weeks just because my mechanic is chronically stones and very busy. Ranger too rusty to bother putting 4k into a rebuild... so juggleing two jobs and a bunch of vehiculer disaters I had to buy a new old truck. finally got a few min to myself last night and got 4 solo laps in and a 3 mile hike.

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  • @NickG
    Nice pics of the horse show. I miss my riding days! I didn’t show, just did a lot of riding, most of which was done guiding quail hunts and riding for fun.

    I did some jumping, but it was on my girl friend’s retired horse. Kind of funny, I rode Sinbad bare back, I would grab a handful of mane and he would automatically go over the jumps and then head straight for the lake and in.

  • @Tobia Nice. we had horses when i was a kid. they lived in the same field as the cows. we also rode bare back though i never went over a jump.. horse show world is pretty out there... Glad i don't work it full time anymore..

  • Happy Ray Troll Thursday Everybody!


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  • had a bad fall at work. ladders suck. laied up for three weeks. finally got out and climbed for real this weekend. isa has a bum shoulder so i answered a plea for a partner saturday. Strong young kid who had never been up a real climb at the lake. he was pretty stoked. IMG_2207.jpg
    six weeks ago i skipped this belay and hiked the pillars straight up. this time I was winded and happy to get to the cedars...

  • @NickG said in Random Photo Thread:

    had a bad fall at work. ladders suck.

    Yep. My bro used to be involved w/operational safety of oil refineries at a major oil company. Falls from ladders are/were the number one source of industrial accidents. I think he implemented some policy involving additional safety measures for heights greater than something like four feet. Sounds draconian but injuries from ladder falls dropped dramatically (essentially zero, iirc). All to easy, especially for those of us comfortable with heights, to become a little too comfortable on the job, e.g. Scott Cosgrove. Glad to hear you are okay and seem to have recovered fully. Kudos for passing your expertise/experience on to the youngun's. 👍

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